Why Is My Nintendo Switch Not Turning On – Complete Details

Why Is My Nintendo Switch Not Turning On

If you’re Switch isn’t responding or will not turn on, you may be asking, ‘why is my Nintendo Switch not turning on’?

As with all electronic devices like any other, the Nintendo Switch does not have everything perfect in both software and hardware and, although issues with either should not be a problem, they could happen.

As enjoyable as Nintendo Switch is when it is working accurately, allowing gamers to play while on the move; however, it’s equally frustrating when it ceases to function and won’t turn on when you’re ready to play.

In recent years, gaming popularity has risen, but the past few months have seen a massive increase due to the stay-at-home orders on COVID-19. 

We’ll discuss possible causes within this post. Many reasons your Nintendo Switch might not turn on, and most of these aren’t severe.

Why Is My Nintendo Switch Not Turning On? Reasons

There are various possible reasons if you’re experiencing problems with your Nintendo Switch while turning it on.

There’s no need to panic since the battery might have run out of power due to the long hours of usage. That’s the norm for gamers who frequently play with their consoles for a long time.

The most frequent cause is an issue with charging that could cause your Nintendo console to cease to function. When using a charger, make sure there are no apparent signs of damage on the cable.

Try to adhere to the original charging cable supplied by Nintendo. Additionally, certain Nintendo Switch consoles may not turn on because of an app or software issue.

If you’re still struggling to determine what’s making you have your Nintendo Switch not turn on, we’ve got some solutions for you to try and get rid of a great deal of stress.

Most times, there’s nothing to anxiety, and you’ll soon be able to turn on your Nintendo Switch and continue playing your favorite video game. Let’s discuss it!

Why Is My Nintendo Switch Not Turning On – Troubleshooting

If your beloved console was functioning but suddenly decided to turn on, there are several things you can test. Try these solutions if you want to find out ‘why is my Nintendo Switch not turning on?’

Plug-In Your Nintendo Switch

Often, when the Switch does not turn on, it can be chalked as a battery drain. It’s a simple concept, but we’re all not prone to forget that the Switch wasn’t as full of battery as we believed.

Plug-In it in the dock, connect the charging cable directly, and wait at least an hour to recharge. The screen will often illuminate, showing a light indicator for the battery, letting you know that it needs charging; however, if it’s exceptionally depleted, it won’t be able to complete the task.

If you’re a first-time switch user, be aware that if your battery is empty, it can take an extended time for the display to illuminate when you put the console in charging mode.

Sometimes the minimum time for a console to turn on to power up is 30 minutes. If you are still unable to turn it back up, make sure you continue an uninterrupted charging session for at minimum three hours. The problem will likely get resolved!

Additional Tip: Ensure that you connect the charging cable properly to the console. The green LED on the lower left of the dock should come on to charge correctly. Nintendo Switch is charging correctly. If the light isn’t turning on, the port could not be plugged in or damaged!

Check For Power Accessories

If your console isn’t charging or retaining a charge, make sure you know of a problem with the adapter or cord.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re careful or not, the charger cable and adapter for power will become less effective over time (especially when you play while charging), and you should ensure that neither cable nor adapter is damaged. If you notice any indications of damage, don’t use either of them since it could be a risk.

Be sure to make sure you use an official Nintendo Switch charging cord & power adapter to charge your console.

There are a lot of well-intentioned third-party adapters on the market; but we aren’t able to guarantee their safety or reliability. If you’re using a third-party charger, be sure that it’s compatible with your device and is known to function.

In addition, you have to examine for obstructions to the charger to determine the presence of dirt, dust, or other foreign objects that could block your charging cables. If the culprit is one of them, they’ll get discovered immediately!

Factory Reset Nintendo Switch

Another possible solution for ‘Why Is My Nintendo Switch Not Turning On is the reset. If your Switch is still unresponsive even after a reasonable charge, or the faint light appears on the black screen, your next option is to attempt the hard reset.

It is a good option in many situations where your console is no more booting and offers the possibility to restart the Nintendo Switch console with all of your data and games in place or erase everything and start from scratch like an entirely new console.

You can do it by pressing the power button (not the Home Button on the Joy-Con) located at the console’s left side until it gets reset. This process could take anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes.

Press the power button and take a few seconds to wait, then press it again the way you would typically switch it on. The console should start up without a problem. If it’s not turning on, it could require a repair due to some internal issue with the Nintendo Switch. Don’t worry; we have explained this as well.

Final Words

If the issue persists, it is possible to reach out to Nintendo Switch repair services. If you need assistance, when you call the customer service representative, inform them about the steps you’ve already completed to pinpoint the issue.

However, Nintendo promises to keep the saved data after repairs. However, there’s a possibility that it will lost in the procedure. Be aware that a one-year warranty covers the Switch on its hardware. You could be required to pay for repairs if your contract has expired!

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