Why Does My Spotify Keep Stopping? – Factors Explained In Full

Why Does My Spotify Keep Stopping

If you got here, you found the right spot seeking Why Does My Spotify Keep Stopping or experiencing any of these troubles. We will assist you with suggestions to ensure that the app runs well on your smartphone, whether Android or iPhone.

Most people are already familiar with Spotify, with over 300 million subscribers worldwide. Dealing with an issue that causes Spotify to stop constantly is annoying with widespread popularity.

It’ll become evident when you get a message indicating that Spotify has stopped functioning. After that, the app will crash and send you to your device’s main screen. Otherwise, the application may hang, causing Spotify to stop running randomly or resort to the home screen without warning. You will also observe that Spotify occasionally stops playing when the display gets put off. 

Keep reading to learn more about Spotify and how to troubleshoot and resolve malfunctioning bugs.

How does Spotify operate?

It’s easy to operate, has a handy layout, a free subscription, and a nice collection of premium services that can get purchased for a fair price. We suggest connecting up with Facebook if you already have an account.

It will make it simpler to locate and connect with friends, discover everything they’re listening to, and share music with them. Spotify Premium is the way to go because it provides access to more functions, versatility, and links to more gadgets.

Get the free Spotify app and run it; desktop, Apple, and Android smartphone versions are available. Create an account on any of those devices and start enjoying.

Note: Getting access to Spotify Premium is an excellent solution for getting rid of annoying commercials and improving music quality up to 320kbps. Spotify Premium offers users to save music for offline listening and skip around as much as they like.

Though, all of that might grind to a stand if Spotify repeatedly crashes when you launch the app or attempt to play the music.

It can be challenging to determine the core cause of an issue with a troublesome application, as it is with any other. If you’re reading this, it’s because you’re encountering the same problem and are curious Why Does My Spotify Keep Stopping or crashing. Let’s discuss it

Why Does My Spotify Keep Stopping? 

This trouble is frequent on Spotify and has a range of factors, but the best part is that they are all simple to resolve. So, the following are some suggestions to assist you in troubleshoot and, perhaps, fixing your problem.

Spotify’s Server Goes Down

If Spotify is stopping due to a server error, you must wait for the Spotify staff to address the issue. Spotify servers can get congested at times, or technical faults might emerge, prompting your Spotify account to stop and create other troubles. If you’re thinking about how we’ll know if there’s a problem with the Spotify server, visit Spotify’s Twitter account @SpotifyStatus.

Suppose the server doesn’t cause the issue and you’re still experiencing unexpected stops on Spotify. It’s time to consider the other option.

Reboot The Device

If Spotify frequently stops working on your smartphone, consider switching it off and restarting it. If Spotify frequently stops working on your smartphone, consider switching it off and resuming it.

Usually, many tasks function in the background and as too many applications that we shift throughout the day. Rebooting your device will clear all of this, clearing up any blocked memory. This step will allow your device to work effectively alongside Spotify.

Clear Unwanted Cache

An overflowing cache on your device might be one of the causes. You may be curious how cache accumulates quickly, even after deleting regularly. It occurs because all data linked to the media you play, including lyrics, album details, tracks, paused midway during the download operation.

It consumes your device’s capacity, slowing down the app and even forcing it to stop. As a result, cleaning your cache will make space on your device, helping the application run more smoothly.

Disable Power Saving Mode

All smartphone devices include a low power mode that limits background activities to save battery life. Power saving mode disables background app refresh, disables automated mail fetching, and prevents downloads in many situations. It may also conflict with your Spotify streaming in some scenarios. Switch off the power saving mode if you’re streaming to Spotify in this mode.

Sign Out And Log In To Spotify

Most devices now include battery and memory-saving functions that operate in the background, posing issues when applications are active for long durations. Therefore, the most straightforward trick to attempt if Spotify keeps stopping is to sign out of the application first.

Many Spotify consumers have mentioned that checking out their profiles on all devices before getting back in can resolve difficulties with frequent stops in Spotify.

Update the App

Another way to answer Why Does My Spotify Keep Stopping? One possibility might be that you’re using an earlier edition of the application that isn’t compatible with your device. It is usually advisable to upgrade an application since it fixes many bugs or flaws that may have existed in prior releases.

Inadequate Internet Connection

Unsteady internet access is another typical cause for Spotify to stop during use continually. Because it is a music stream application, you must have reliable network access to stream content without delay.

However, if you are experiencing network troubles, a glitch may occur, causing Spotify to stop streaming suddenly. Switch off your phone’s Wi-Fi and then rejoin to freshen up the network.

Tip: One way is to disable your phone’s network connection within the application. Then, before switching on your phone’s network, run Spotify in ‘offline mode’ for thirty seconds.

Bottom Line:

With hundreds of music added to the platform regularly, the application grows heavy and occasionally stops. Try the above solutions, which are simple to implement and resolve the Spotify keeps stopping issue.

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