What is DND Mode on Fitbit Luxe? (Fitbit Luxe, Charge, Inspire)

what is dnd mode on fitbit luxe

We enjoy getting alerts immediately on the Fitbits since it keeps us updated on the day’s events. But occasionally, users wish to avoid being sidetracked by watch alerts and lose concentration when working on something important. What is DND mode on Fitbit luxe? You may learn further about DND with Fitbit from this tutorial.

What is DND Mode on Fitbit Luxe?

DND is just one of Fitbit’s unique settings. Do Not Disturb, or DND is a function that is frequently seen on smartwatches as well as on cellphones, tablets, as well as PCs. Regardless of the hardware or operating system, it performs the same basic purpose.

Goal celebrates, calls, messages, calendar notifications, as well as other reminders are all sent to you constantly in a non-DND state. However, there are instances when it would be best to be left alone. You may instruct Fitbit to let you alone if you do not want to be bothered.

When DND is used on a Fitbit, most alerts are turned off, including those for phone calls received while the device is being worn, achievements, and walking reminders. To make sure you receive important messages, emails, as well as calls, you may also configure exceptions for particular notifications always to go through.

All alerts will be noticed by you. There are still alerts sent to Fitbit. It just doesn’t warn. It is identical to driving mode. You might want to avoid getting alerts while driving. Your smartphone stores the attention you receive. You won’t lose these, I assure you.

Should DND Be On or Off on Fitbit?

Depending on the scenario and your tastes, DND may or may not be appropriate. When you need to concentrate on anything or are in a conference, you can activate DND to block out distractions.

Whenever you anticipate receiving crucial calls or texts, you should disable the Don’t Disturb option. Until then, if someone were to ask me if DND is worthwhile, I would reply! Fitbit’s DND function is proper.

DND is useless for you if users find it easy to check your Fitbit for new alerts constantly. The majority of Fitbit users only sometimes have DND on since they prefer to receive and respond to alerts on their monitor.

However, Do Not Disturb is useful when you don’t want to disturb others rather than yourself with alerts. The display won’t buzz or light up. However, Fitbit would still sync notifications from any phone and monitor your activity.

How to Turn Off DND Mode on Fitbit?

It’s easy to enable the Fitbit DND option because the procedure is so simple.

  1. Open the app, select Today, then click the profile photo.
  2. Select Notifications by tapping the Fitbit Smartwatch.
  3. You may select the applications you wish to have their alerts muted and keep the ones users do not desire to have muted untouched.
  4. That’s all; your preferred application is now in Do Not Disturb status. For this reason, Fitbit would only notify you about new alerts on specific applications.

The following steps should be followed if you wish to disable the Do Not Disturb feature on any Fitbit Charge 3 and Charge 4 but need help figuring out how to do so.

  1. Long enough for Fitbit to vibrate, pressing and holding the power button.
  2. The fast settings panel may be accessed by left-swiping the screen display.
  3. Locate and touch the Do Not Disturb option to disable it.

What is the Difference Between Do Not Disturb and Sleep on Fitbit?

The messages, activity alerts, and performances are muted while using Fitbit’s Do Not Disturb or Sleep Mode. Additionally, incoming notifications don’t cause the smartphone to vibrate and wake up the screen.

The primary differentiating features of sleep mode—aside from the minor visual differences between their icons, the primary differentiating features of sleep mode include their timetable and low light mode. Although if you move your wrist when the screen is in a sleep state, nothing happens. On the vast majority of Fitbit devices, it won’t do so unless you touch the display twice.

The DND mode is primarily a daylight option. You put your phone in this mode whenever you do not want to be bothered. A one-way notice should be visible in the upper portion of the display. You will then be aware that the DND option is active. DND function cannot be planned and cannot be activated while the Fitbit is currently in Sleep mode.

It’s important to know that you cannot activate DND as well as Sleep Mode simultaneously on any Fitbit. Furthermore, none of the choices obstruct the device’s activity monitoring as well as wellness monitoring capabilities.

Why Fitbit Luxe DND Mode Not Working?

Your alerts need to appear for a variety of reasons. However, it’s often a straightforward remedy. Below is a simple checklist to see whether the Fitbit Luxe’s DND feature is malfunctioning.

  • The Fitbit application’s most recent version may be downloaded and installed via the Google Play Store as well as Apple App Store.
  • Ensure that your smartphone and Fitbit are 30 feet apart.
  • Make sure your device’s Bluetooth is switched on and that the notifications are enabled.
  • Check to see whether you have the Fitbit application plus the phone’s setup alerts switched on.
  • With the phone, Fitbit, and any other devices, disable the Do Not Disturb, Focus, plus Sleep or Bedtime settings. Utilizing the phone’s Do Not Disturb options will prevent you from getting alerts.
  • Go over to Quick Preferences by holding the power button or keys on Fitbit bands devices from the Ace, Charge, as well as Inspire ranges.
  • Slide to reveal the Settings Menu choices on Fitbit wearables like the Sense, Versa, and Ionic, as well as the Luxe tracker.
  • You may find choices for do not disturb, sleep, as well as other similar functions under your Focus Settings with iPhones running iOS 15 or later.
  • Switch off Focus mode under Settings > Quiet options > Focus style if you aren’t just getting alerts during activity.
  • Give your smartphone permission to use the Fitbit application in the meantime.
  • Stop any battery-saving features on the associated phone, including Battery Saver and Low Power modes for iOS and Android models. Aside from that, make sure the Fitbit application’s power optimization is turned off.

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