If I Delete Snapchat App What Happens – Read This Before You Delete

If I Delete the Snapchat App, What Happens

There might be a lot of thought across your mind, such as if I delete Snapchat app what happens? Does it delete my memories too? Or did my account get deleted? Allow this essay to guide you if you’re in such a dilemma.

Snap Inc.-owned Snapchat is clearly in the lead regarding internet platforms. Snapchat has always specialized in providing its users with temporary chat and photo-sharing features.

Memories give the means to make that interaction less temporary. Whether it’s the worn-out glitzy appearance or the never-ending Snaps, the temptation to remove Snapchat is real.

There might be various reasons you want to delete the app from your smartphone. Unfortunately, every notion of deleting brings with it the nagging Fear of Missing Out Over Something Fantastic in the realm of Snaps. 

Know This Before Getting Into Deleting Your Apps

“If I delete Snapchat app what happens” if we go back to your original question? You may uninstall the app for a variety of purposes. You spend too much time on this app, hate receiving notifications, or take a break from social media.

Snapchat deletion is a reversible method. As a result, anytime you reinstall the application and login into your previous account, every information — even friends — will be restored.

Snapchat claims that even if you deactivate the Snapchat app, all Snapchat Memories will still get saved. To access them, reinstall the application and sign in with the same account.

Uninstalling Snapchat from your smartphone merely removes the app from your phone and does not affect your account. Following are some things that will remain in-app even if you delete your app:

  • Your profile will continue to be active.
  • Why If you get snaps before your Snapchat app gets deleted, they’ll get saved when you reinstall it.
  • Any images sent before the app gets removed will get forwarded to the receiver. Your Snap will be available to get seen for your buddy.
  • Your friend list will remain untouched.
  • Friends can locate your account and contact you.
  • Memories will live on and will not get erased.

The Drawback of Deleting The Snapchat App

There are some downfalls attached to when you delete yourself. You miss a few things such as:


Snap streaks are one of the downfalls of when you delete your Snapchat app from your mobile. Snapstreaks are the usual statistic for communicating with your contacts.

The Snapstreak measure becomes active once you trade Snaps with a buddy for three days in a row. To keep your Streak going, you must send at least one Snap with the individual you maintain within 24 hours.

You lose the way to transmit Snaps to your pals when you remove the app. Of course, your friends will continue to send you pictures and videos, but the Streak will come to an end because it is a two-way streak.


Consider some things before removing your Snapchat app with unread Snaps on your account.

  • Snaps that have not got opened will remain on your Snap service for seven days.
  • Snaps shared to group chat would be erased automatically within 24 hours if they remain unopened.
  • Also, Snaps sent and unread for 30 days will indeed be erased automatically.

If I Delete the Snapchat App What Happens?

Do you know the difference between deleting an app vs deleting a Snapchat account?

Difference Between Deleting an App Vs Deleting A Snapchat Account 

  • When you tap the uninstall option on your mobile device, the storage that Snapchat was using up on your device’s internal storage is released. That’s all there is to it. Because your data is stored on a distant Snapchat server rather than locally, deleting the app will not destroy your account data. It is a reversible process.
  • However, deleting your Snapchat account is far more severe than merely uninstalling the app. All data related to your Snapchat account gets wholly wiped if you deactivate it and will not return within 30 days. Your Snapchat pals won’t be able to find you. Whatever memories you’ve kept on the server throughout the years will be deleted. It’s an unstoppable process.
  • Your contacts can mention you in their stories, but you won’t get notified. You will not get any alerts since you removed the app.

Can Anyone know That You Removed Snapchat App?

During the initial setup, choose whether to broadcast your Snap Map location with others. They’ll be able to view your whereabouts in real-time while you use Snapchat, and Snapchat will gain access to your phone’s GPS and hence your current location.

If you remove the app, which means your friends will no longer be able to see your exact location on Snapchat’s Snap Map. Apart from this to all the Snapchatters worldwide, you’re still very much active on the site, but you’re not actively contributing.

They can look you up usually and even send you Snaps if they want to.

Change Of Thought

After knowing If I Delete the Snapchat App, What Happens? If you want to go back to your Snapchat glory days, download the app from Google Play or the App Store and log in using your old username and password.

As quickly as you do, you’ll get taken back to your account. Your memories saved, Snaps, and everything else would be available at your fingertips if your companions were still active.

If I Delete the Snapchat App What Happens? – Final Thought

With over 520 million users worldwide, Snapchat’s design involves rapidly deleting photos once they are received. It has helped it become the most popular social networking site.

The ability to delete and uninstall and reinstall is functional when switching phones or taking a vacation from the app. As a result, to address your question about what occurs when you remove Snapchat, nothing happens.

It’s OK if you want to erase the application from your device and spend some time alone. As previously said, there are several reasons why you would like to delete Snapchat off your phone.

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