How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy Core Prime for Free? Tips & Tricks

how to unlock samsung galaxy core prime for free

Many people are surprisingly looking to unlock their Samsung Galaxy Prime core for free. There are many ways we could unlock the phone for free, which are as much safe and easy as we get it done for money. Mostly many people get their carriers to do it, but they do charge for the service and code.

In this article, we will discuss how to unlock Samsung Galaxy prime core for free, why to unlock the phone, how to check if the smartphone is unlocked, etc. Keep reading to find out, and maybe you could save a lot more money than you think.

Can Be Locked Samsung Be Unlocked?

Yes, you can unlock your locked Samsung phone. There are many easy ways to unlock your Samsung phones in the safest way possible.

It can be a SIM unlock, a PIN unlock, a pattern, or even a passcode unlocks. To do so, one can get it done at home for free, or if you don’t want to risk damaging your warranty, you could get it done by an expert at a carrier service Centre or a phone store.

Why Would you Need to Unlock your Samsung Galaxy Core Prime?

People are looking to unlock their Samsung Galaxy prime core for many reasons. Some people look to unlock with the intention of switching to a new carrier for their phone; usually, the carriers lock the phone until the contract is over, so you don’t switch to any other carriers in between.

Many others unlock because they are moving to a different country that uses an entirely different carrier for their network.

Unlocking is the only way to use the same phone there as well, or else you will have to buy a new one.

In addition to that, people also unlock because they want to use a different SIM on their phone.

Always make sure you don’t damage the phone or SIM or void the warranty while doing so. You will have to spend extra trying to fix that.

How to Check If your Samsung Galaxy Core Prime is Locked?

One very popular and easy way to check is by using your phone’s IMEI number. This is a unique number that can be used to have information on your phone and whether it is locked or not.

It also gives you information on the carrier, system version, warranty, date of purchase, device specification etc. there are IMEI checkers available to get the work done.

The IMEI number also gets you information on your phone status, network and SIM lock, unlocking SIM lock, and network and carrier check.

Another way to know whether your phone is locked is by sending a request to your carrier company requesting to know whether your phone is locked and whether you could get it unlocked for other carrier access. If the conditions are met, they will accept your request.

Does Samsung Provide Unlock Codes?

Many of you may wonder whether Samsung has unlocked codes to access any network; the answer is Samsung doesn’t bind your device to any specific network.

Samsung is giving free unlock directly from their website to unlock your phone. For this purpose, Samsung is giving you a free unlock code directly; this will give you a permanent unlock for any network you use.

You simply need to visit their website, then get your IMEI number- you can get it by dialing *#06#, start a live chat with Samsung on what exactly you want, and finally, Samsung will send you a free code to unlock.

But remember, the codes will not support unlocks for the below-mentioned security features and third-party security apps;

  1. Samsung security or Knox locks
  2. MDM lock or any cooperate-managed devices
  3. FRP or Google lock after an incompetent reset.
  4. Find my mobile app.

Does Samsung Provide Unlock Codes

How to Unlock your Samsung Galaxy Core Prime for Free?

Here is the fastest, easy and safe way of unlocking your Samsung Galaxy Prime core for free. That is, by using the Samsung website itself, you could get the code for free. You don’t have to pay for anything. But remember, this service is only given to Canada and USA.

  1. The first step is to get your phone IMEI number. Don’t use the one at the back of your phone. Simply dial *#06#. You will get the details on your IMEI.
  2. The next step is to start a live chat with Samsung. For this, go to their contact page and click on the option ‘live chat’. Once the chat window appears, start chatting. Give out the important details they will request, and this includes your IMEI, the model, the carrier etc. Once all details are given, they will send you the unlock code.
  3. Now unlock using the code. Get yourself a SIM from another provider. Then power off your phone and place that SIM inside.
  4. Now power it on again and let it boot up. When it is done, you will have the unlock window on your screen. Now enter the code Samsung gave you and submit. Make sure to enter the codes carefully.

If you are unable to get the code for your phone from Samsung, there are so many other websites that give you the codes for free. Visit one of the websites, get the code for free and follow these steps to get the phone unlocked.

  1. Power off the phone and Insert a SIM card from a different carrier.
  2. Now power on the phone, and there will be a window requesting a ‘sim network unlock pin.’
  3. Enter the unlock code that you obtained from the website using your phone IMEI. And press ‘enter’ or ok. The phone will be unlocked.

Can I Unlock a Samsung Phone with an IMEI Number?

Yes, the IMEI number is important when unlocking the phone. But the IMEI number itself cannot unlock the phone. You just simply need to dial the IMEI to get the right code for your phone because this number gives out unique information related to your phone alone.

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