How To Unlock iPhone Without iTunes Or iCloud Or Computer In 2022

How To Unlock IPhone Without iTunes Or iCloud Or Computer

You might be wondering, How To Unlock iPhone Without iTunes Or iCloud Or Computer. Without using iTunes, iCloud, or a computer, this post will show you how to recover a disabled phone.

If you frequently enter the wrong passcode or your children enter aimlessly in the lock screen, the iPhone will get deactivated. You will get instructed to connect the disabled phone to iTunes.

You frequently utilize iCloud or iTunes on a computer to unlock a device. However, what if you don’t have authorization to your iTunes or iCloud account? What happens if you don’t have computer access right now? 

Read the entire text to find your preferred solution.

What Causes iPhone To Be Disabled?

An iPhone is programmed to deactivate itself for one minute after six incorrect passcode tries in a row. The seventh erroneous passcode entry will shut you out for 5 minutes; the eighth will disable the iPhone for 15 minutes, the tenth will disable it for an hour, and so on.

If your tenth try is likewise a lousy passcode, you’ll see the notice “iPhone is Disabled.” Connect your Computer to iTunes. After ten incorrect passcode tries, the only alternative is to return the iPhone to factory reset.

It implies that all of your data would be destroyed, including photographs and movies. It is an excellent reminder to back up the iPhone regularly using iCloud or your PC.

How To Unlock iPhone Without Using iTunes Or ICloud?

Here are the easiest methods.

By Resetting

The procedures for unlocking a disabled iPhone using iTunes, iCloud, or a PC are simple. But if you don’t have any one of them, then try out the method mentioned below:

  • On the right bottom, tap the Erase iPhone option.
  • Then, confirm that you wish to remove the iPhone, then on the next page, enter the Apple ID password for your locked iPhone.
  • Your iPhone has got reset, and the lock screen has been gone.

By StarzSoft KeyPass

When neither iTunes nor iCloud could assist you in unlocking the disabled iPhone, what else can you do? The answer is to utilize StarzSoft KeyPass. The methods outlined here will demonstrate how and when to bypass the iPhone without the need for iTunes or iCloud.

  • First, download and install StarzSoft KeyPass on your Computer.
  • After starting the application, connect your disabled phone to the Computer or Laptop where StarzSoft KeyPass is operating. To proceed, press the start button.
  • Quickly push the + and – volume buttons simultaneously, then press the power button down until the screen’s words “connect to iTunes” appear. StarzSoft Keypass will begin unlocking the disabled iPhone without the need for iTunes or iCloud.

How to unlock iPhone without iTunes or iCloud or Computer?

So how to unlock iPhone without iTunes or iCloud or Computer? Follow the method below:

By “Find my iPhone.”

Here’s another possibility: To erase the blocked iPhone files. Use another iPhone to log into the Find My iPhone App and then force reset your disabled iPhone. Take these easy steps: find another iPhone and download My iPhone from the App Store.

  • Open the Find My iPhone App and sign in with your iCloud ID.
  • You’ll see a list of devices logged in using your ID following your signature. Find the list of your disabled iPhone device from the list.

At the bottom of the screen, click Options to view three options: On the right side, erase the iPhone. Finally, without the need for iTunes, iCloud, or a computer, your disabled iPhone has indeed been successfully unlocked.

How Can I Avoid Getting An iPhone Disabled?

After how to unlock iPhone without iTunes or iCloud or Computer, let’s see how you can avoid it in future. Having a crippled iPhone may be inconvenient, so you’ll want to do all possible to prevent it from occurring again.

The most straightforward approach to avoid ending yourself in this position would be never to forget the iPhone’s password. You may change specific settings to keep your iPhone from being deactivated.

Turn off the Tap to Wake and Raise to Up options: The screen activates when you tap or raise your iOS device. You may turn off these two options on your iPhone. As a result, you cannot mistakenly start the gadget when it is in your pocket.

  • Launch the Settings phone app and navigate to Accessibility -> Touch -> Disable Tap to Wake. Then, go over to Screen and Brightness and deactivate the Raise to Wake feature.
  • Reduce Auto-Lock Time: Set your iPhone’s auto-lock timer to thirty seconds to shut off the screen after a period of inactivity. Start the Settings phone app and navigate to Display & Brightness -> Auto-Lock, where you may reduce the auto-lock time to 30 seconds.
  • Create an easy-to-remember password: Make a new password that you will remember quickly if you memorize your passcode and don’t have to predict it. In that case, you’re less likely to input the wrong passcode, resulting in a deactivated iPhone.

Use Face ID

If your phone has a Fingerprint Sensor or Face ID, you won’t need to input the passcode. To unlock your iPhone, show your face or scan your finger.

If you still forget your password and receive the “iPhone is disabled, connect to iTunes” problem message after all of this. In that case, we can only recommend that you always make fresh backups of your iPhone. Finally, you can always refer to this tutorial if you need a solution.

Final Thought

It’s inconvenient when your beloved device becomes inoperable when trying to recover something vital from it. It is common when you repeatedly input the wrong password. Keep that in mind; we’ve devised some efficient methods to assist you to cope with this issue get through it and with ease. As you can see, restoring a deactivated iPhone on a PC or Mac is simple. Use ‘Find My Phone’ if you don’t want to bother with USB cables.

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