How to Turn off Narrator on Xbox One Easily [3 Methods]

How to Turn off Narrator on Xbox One

If it ever goes stuck and you cannot figure out how to turn off the narrator on Xbox one. Don’t panic; we’ll guide you on how to disable it.

If you possess an Xbox One, you’re probably also aware of the Narrator function, which interprets messages audibly to the consumer. This narrator feature is very beneficial for individuals with low vision and requires vocal guidance.

The narrator is merely a function of the Xbox One’s display interpreting mode, and it has the job of interpreting menus, switches, and several other types of messages more audibly. This accessible function assists individuals with low vision in operating the device. Still, if you switch it on by accident and don’t require it, then it might soon become irritating for you. 

Quick Summary: Keep pressing the Xbox button on your controller until it shakes and a window appears to access the Narrator options. You can then toggle the Narrator feature off.

Read more to discover more about the functions accessible on your Xbox One and how to make use of them.

What Is Xbox one?

Xbox One is an eighth edition video gaming device manufactured by Microsoft. The technology used in the original Xbox includes elements of the AMD Accelerated Processing Unit, which gets designed on a sequence of x86-64 guidelines.

The Xbox One console stresses it in the enhanced form of cloud technology and social networking functions. The Microsoft Xbox One needs internet access and connectivity of Kinect and the console itself to the cloud.

It supplies an embedded service for Microsoft’s Kinect that enables the users to access video games and multimedia stuff using physical motion. In addition, it can also capture and share video footage during gaming. It also allows you to enjoy music and communicate with people via Skype.

What Is The Purpose of Xbox One Narrator?

The Xbox One Narrator is an excellent choice for Xbox gamers who have visual difficulties or trouble reading. It will instantly interpret almost any menu choice; however, this may create a little hassle when active.

There’s also the possibility that other gamers in your home would want to utilize the device without the narrator. Another scenario is you mistakenly activated the narrator on your Xbox, and it’s driving you insane.

As a result, you’ll have to know how to deactivate it immediately. Here’s how to turn off the Narrator on Xbox One and embrace the peace yet again.

How to Turn off Narrator on Xbox One – 3 Best Methods

So there are three methods for how to turn off the Narrator on Xbox One

  • The power menu is the most straightforward method, but it does not provide alternatives.
  • The system settings take more time since it has more options.
  • The voice command is simple, but only if Xbox supports voice input.

How to Disable Narrator Of Xbox One via Power Menu:

The quickest method to disable the voiceover is using the Xbox One main menu. This solution is also the most frequent way for users to activate the function without knowing it mistakenly.

  • Launch the Xbox One, then ensure that the narrator gets turned on.
  • Press the Xbox toggle on your control till it shakes and the menu appears.
  • Then, in the options, hit the button with three parallel lines to turn off the narrator.
  • Now return to the main screen and check to see if the narrator is turned off or not.

Note: A light blue square indicates the objects you choose when the narrator is active. When you select a new item, you will hear a message voice.

How to Disable Narrator Of Xbox One via Settings Menu: 

Switching off the Xbox One Narrator through the Settings Menu is a bit complicated than the other options. But, it includes some choices that the power menu technique does not. The power menu merely provides a basic toggle.

However, the settings menu will allow you flexibility regarding the narrator’s functionality. Here are a few steps to switch off the Xbox one voiceover through the Settings section.

  • To access the instructions, hit the Xbox toggle on your control.
  • Now navigate to the system and select the Settings option.
  • Choose Ease of Access, then choose the Narrator option.
  • Check to ensure that the Narrator option gets checked in the box. Then, on the controller, hit the A button to clear the checkmark.
  • If you don’t intend to switch on the narrator by mistake in the future, choose to warn me when you switch on the narrator, and ensure the dialog box gets ticked.
  • The narrator has been disabled, and you can now explore menus and enjoy games without the console narrating to you.

Note: This approach allows you to establish a warning that stops you from unintentionally switching on the narrator in the long term.

How to Disable Xbox One Narrator Via Voice Commands:

Voice commands are supported on some earlier Xbox One devices using the Kinect device or headphones and mic. If you have voice features enabled, you can switch off the narrator using one of the two commands.

  • Hey Cortana, turn off the narrator
  • Xbox, turn off narrator

All you need to say are these two commands, and the narrator will be switched off remotely by the system. If you have Cortana enabled, you must execute the Cortana phrase, which gets activated in the settings menu console.

If you have the Kinect connected in, though you haven’t switched on Cortana, you’ll have to execute the Xbox command. Also, if you do not have voice features enabled, neither of these commands will function.

Bottom Line

This function allows people with impairments to manage their Xbox systems. However, seeing every step you do in the menu stated audibly might drive you insane. If you mistakenly switch the narrator again, use the option that better fits your needs.

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