How to Slow Down a Video on iPhone? Some Best Tips & Tricks!

how to slow down a video on iphone

Since the initial release of the iPhone 5s model in 2013, Apple has continuously enhanced the iPhone’s slow motion recording function. The newest iPhone offerings, up to and including the iPhone 5S, are making it attainable for users to capture slow motion video when on the go. How to slow down a video on iPhone?

The previously slow motion function on the iPhone is pretty remarkable. With just a click of a fingertip, you’re able to instantly slow down any movie. Therefore, this is the procedure.

How to Slow Down a Video on iPhone?

You may employ iMovie as well as the Photos application on your apple device to slow lower a film.


  • Create a movie creation in the iMovie application on your iOS device.
  • The examiner will appear at the lowest point of the display when you tap a video segment in the sequence.
  • Select the Speed option.
  • Within the foot of the clip, there is a yellow bar alongside handles at either end.
  • A member of the actions that follow can be taken to make ranges within a clip.

Raise or lower a yellow range lever.


To make an additional range, select Add within the inspector.

  • Drag the speed control in the opposite direction to accelerate things up or move it to the left to slow things down in the inspection.
  • The ratio of speed is shown below the footage as you drag.
  • If you’re after to create more ranges, tap a section of the footage outside the one that is presently selected or use the inspector’s Add button to populate a range border where the play head is.
  • To change the range, merely drag between the yellow range grips; to change the range’s speed, simply move.
  • A perpendicular white strip at the base of the clip serves as a marker for each region you define.
  • Click the Reset button in the inspection panel to return the full clip to its original speed.

To throw out the tester once you’re done, press anywhere outside of it.

When an audio recording is sped upward or slowed downward, iMovie, by design, keeps the pitch intact. To alter this, select “Speed changes pitch” from the Project Options menu by tapping on it. This enables a recorded speech to be accelerated faster or slowed down slower, respectively.

How Do I Take a Slow Motion Video?

Launch the iPhone Camera Program

Usually, on the home page, it is the camera image. If you can’t find it, flick left on the main display, enter “camera” in the query field, and then select the Camera option.

To Pick the Slow Motion Choice, Slide Left

This should be done on the buttons that are located close to the red camera icon at the lowest part of the display. When the writing is yellow and immediately above the red switch, slow motion is chosen.

Choose a Webcam for Recording

You can access the camera for taking selfies on the iPhone 11 or 12 by pressing the two curled circles in the lower right area. Solely the back camera of other iPhone versions supports slow motion recording.

Start Filming by Pressing the Red Trigger Button

As you keep recording, the length will be shown on the countdown clock at the beginning of the footage.

To Pause the Recording, Press the Red Trigger Button

The slow-motion video is then saved to the camera folder.

In Order to Watch your Recording, Select the Thumbnail

The lower left corner is where it is. The new slow-motion clip you just uploaded will begin playing immediately.

How Do I Take a Slow Motion Video

Do iPhones Support Any Third-party Applications for Reducing Video Speed?

SpeedPro is suggested presently if you want to use a third-party video editor for slowing down movies on your iPhone. With this software, you can alter the speed of the video, resize, reduce, and cut it, as well as add audio and apply effects. Using SpeedPro, consider how to slo-mo an iPhone movie.

  • Enable SpeedPro on your iPhone after downloading it through the Apple App shop.
  • Select the Speed option after opening this video maker and adding the movie you would like to edit.
  • The full video is chosen by default. Utilize the choose scroll button at the change pace window’s bottom when you solely wish to slow down a section of the clip.
  • Simply move the video control of the speed tool to your left to slow down the movie.
  • To permanently save your modifications and create a new video after finishing, select the checkmark symbol.

The initial iOS video program that is simple to use and has both an additional camera feature for filming and amazing tools for modifying videos is FilmoraGo. We’ve prepared the instructions so you can use FilmoraGo to tone lower a movie on your smartphone.

  • Utilize the App shop to install FilmoraGo.
  • To start your slow-motion creation, select “new project.” Next, choose the movie you want to import into the timeline.
  • To reach the “speed” choice, select the “trim” choice and scroll backward.
  • You can slowly lower the movie by selecting “speed” and moving the wheel towards the left.
  • You can preview the movie by using the “play head” above the time frame. You may save the movie to the device’s Photos after changing the rate of playback.

How Can a Slow Motion Movie Be Sped Up on an iPhone Using the Photos App?

  • Activate the Photos program, then tap the Albums option at the rear of the main window.
  • Slo-mo can be found under Media Types under the Albums tab; simply scroll down until you tap it.
  • Tap Edit within the top-right area of the clip you desire to be sped up after selecting it.
  • Drag two of the larger white bars that are vertical within the horizontal white outlined line alongside the timeline of the video jointly to fully eliminate the Slo-Mo effect and accelerate the footage.
  • In the lower right area, press Done.

What iPhone Models Come with Slow Motion Consequences?

With the release of the iPhone 5S, known as the slow-motion feature was made available on all iPhone camera versions.

Currently, the iPhone 8 and higher-end models are powered by the A11 Bionic chip. Both the front and back cameras on the latest iPhone 11 and subsequent versions can take pictures.

The iPhone 12, regarded as among the best phones for photography, has superzooms, over three recording devices, and captures 120 frames per second in 4K for HDR video.

The latest version of the iPhone can capture 1080p at 240 frames per second with outstanding slow motion resolution if you currently own a previous generation of iPhone or intend to upgrade.

It does not imply you can’t make a memorable slow-motion film if you don’t want to update your phone, though.

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