How To Reverse Video On Snapchat [Updated 2022 Guide]

How To Reverse Video On Snapchat

Snapchat allows users to shoot images, videos, or other types of material and modify them to their taste. Slow-motion, Fast-motion, and Reverse are the three available filters, and the latter typically produces the best results. The photo-sharing social media app Snapchat offers a feature that lets you reverse a video. It leads you to the question of How To Reverse Video On Snapchat?

Quick Summary: Applying a filter on a video snap is as simple as reversing it. Using exact instructions, you can accomplish this on both the iOS and Android versions of the Snapchat program.

What are the odds of doing it? Because there is no ‘Reverse video’ button, the reverse video option in Snapchat is one of those functions that gets buried instead. It’s easy to produce a Snapchat video, and it’s even easier to reverse it.

It is the place to go if you appreciate video editing or want to make some spectacular films for fun. The reverse video effect is best suited for action films or motions like a flower blossom. This article will go through different techniques for reversing a video for a Snapchat post.

Snapchat Features

Snapchat is a popular social media application, especially among teenagers. It is a widespread multimedia messaging app with millions of users worldwide. All of the significant Snapchat influencers you’ll notice are employing these filters to develop their following.

It also provides users with many filters that may make them look charming or ludicrous. You may use these filters to make intriguing Snapchat movies in addition to snapping pictures. Aside from standard filters, Snapchat boasts a plethora of AI-powered filters.

One of the reverse videos. The most excellent part about this filter is that it can get applied in a few simple steps within seconds of recording.

How to reverse video on Snapchat? – Snapchat Camera

Don’t miss out on this debate if you want to learn How To Reverse A Video On Snapchat. As you are all aware, it is pretty simple to record a specific video on Snapchat.

  • After opening your Snapchat app to the camera screen, press and hold the shutter button in the center of the screen to shoot a video; release the button once the video has got taken. The reverse filter is only accessible if your video is less than 10 seconds long.
  • Swipe to find the reverse filter effect once you’ve finished shooting the video. The quickest approach to achieve this is to swipe to the left-right away, and the filter will show three arrows going to the left when you get close enough. The reverse video filter does precisely what its name suggests. Your video is currently playing backward, as you can see.
  • If desired, add additional effects to your video snap, such as text, stickers, or doodling. You may then discard it, save your video to your Snapchat memories, share it with your Story, or use the Sending option to send it to others.

How To Reverse Video On Snapchat? – Camera Roll

To reverse a video that is already available on your phone:

  • On your main app screen, press the tiny icon next to the record button to open Memories
  • To access your phone’s existing media, tap the Camera Roll tab.
  • Select the video to get reversed.
  • Tap the three-dot icons in the top right corner of the screen to enter the menu.
  • To access the filter options, tap on Edit Snap.
  • Swipe left to access the reverse filter.
  • Then, at the bottom right, click Send To to send it to Snapchat, or in the top left, click Done to save the altered video to your phone’s memory.

See? Isn’t it simple to reverse a Snapchat video? Furthermore, Snapchat’s built-in speeding and slowing filters allow you to speed up or slow down a video.

Tips to Remember

Before we get into how to perform it, you should be aware of several criteria for reversing a Snapchat video. The following are the requirements:

  • In the Snapchat app, make a new video snap. Check to see whether it’s less than ten seconds. It will make no sense if you take a rapid picture. To seem competent, make the video longer than 5 seconds.
  • Swipe left eight times on your video snap preview until three reverse arrows () appear above it.
  • You may use the reverse filter after you’ve finished shooting a video. Even if you got not connected to the internet, you could use this filter to have any footage you capture play backward.

How To Reverse Video On Snapchat Using Third-Party Apps

Another technique for having a reversed video on your Snapchat post is to alter the video using a third-party tool before sharing. Although Snapchat already includes video filters, they aren’t as thorough as an app specializing in this.

Although Snapchat is a more accessible option, utilizing third-party software to reverse a video is another option. You might try Reverse Movie FX for Android from Google Play or Reverse Video Editor for iOS from the Apple App Store. They’re both highly-rated apps for making reverse videos which are also free to use.

Reversing an Audio on Snapchat

Newbie Snapchat users may be curious about reversing their audio on the app as well. The audio will also change when you use Snapchat to reverse the video. However, reversing audio without reversing video is difficult. Snapchat is a photo and video-taking and recording app, not an audio-recording one.

Final Thought

To conclude, now you know how to reverse video on Snapchat without making an extra effort. This reverse effect is one of three motion filters available on Snapchat, along with slow-motion and fast-motion. Snapchat users have given the most enthusiastic reaction to reverse filters. Reversing your video captures is fun to demonstrate a set of events in reverse order, and this effect gets frequently used on action-packed videos.

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