How To Resolve “Kodi YouTube Daily Limit Exceeded” Error?

Kodi Youtube daily limit exceeded

The beneficial aspects of YouTube are well-known. There is material for everyone. However, the system may occasionally be very frustrating, which is valid for “Kodi Youtube daily limit exceeded”, which appears on Kodi.

With only a few steps, YouTube could be uploaded from the primary Kodi TV source. Such as other extensions, YouTube has various drawbacks, including “Kodi Youtube daily limit exceeded.” Among Kodi customers, this is the most typical mistake. Throughout this lesson, we’ll look at new techniques for fixing “Kodi Youtube daily limit exceeded” issues. 

What Is Error “Kodi Youtube Daily Limit Exceeded”?

You’ll see this mistake for a variety of reasons. Only one API on Youtube allows subscribers to stream thousands of videos daily. Thousands of Kodi extensions use the very same Youtube API Key to let you access millions of videos. This bandwidth allowance is finite; therefore, it soon fills up.

One can allow this mistake to be automatically corrected, or you could fix it straight away and keep using Kodi to stream various media items. 

How To Resolve “Kodi YouTube Daily Limit Exceeded” Error?

Once you heed a few straightforward procedures, repairing it is not difficult. Using simple solutions, you may fix the YouTube capacity reached just on the Kodi problem on any device. This article will look at two possible approaches to repairing the Kodi YouTube exceeded daily limit problem. The specifics of each method are provided.

1.      Increase Cache Size and Modify API Number

The first approach uses the standard Kodi cache size and API code.

  • First, start Kodi.
  • Then, Start the YouTube Addon.
  • Now, select “Advanced” from the Settings menu.
  • Then, enable support for alternate players.
  • Raise Cache Amount to 20 or more than its normal state.
  • Click “API” under Settings.
  • Change the value of “Use Preset API key set” toward any range of 1 and 4. Given that 1 is a fixed value, the outcome must be greater than 1.
  • Finally, your “Kodi Youtube daily limit exceeded” notice will disappear after altering the value. 

With Kodi, now you may watch YouTube without errors.

This YouTube add-default on’s point is fixed at 1. The lowest value is one inside the Setup API key list. This limit can be insufficient if your site receives a lot of visitors. The data limit would be rapidly surpassed, and an additional error notice will display when everybody is utilizing the data limit value of “1”. Therefore, altering it may resolve the problem in this instance.

2.      Own YouTube API Key creation

Another way to resolve the issue is to create a unique YouTube API Key. There are 2 billion subscribers of YouTube worldwide, and they use their accounts here on the network at 79%. The quickest method is this.

There may be a long-term approach that Google and Kodi group could come up with. Yet, users may manually repair YouTube inside the interim by making their API keys. If the first approach didn’t seem to work, attempt this by carrying out the below.


  • First, you should adhere to
  • There, in the top navigation, choose “Select a Project.”
  • Then, the phrase “Create project” or even a “+” might appear in an open box. Try clicking on there.
  • Then, type any appropriate title into the Project name section, for example, “My Youtube API Key.”
  • Duplicate and paste the Project ID that appears in with any txt file.
  • Next, select Create.
  • Return to the API home page and select YouTube Data API.
  • After selecting the “Select Project” option, hit on the Select key.
  • Next, choose “My YouTube API Key” and carry on.
  • Then, click “Enable” here on the box.
  • “Create credentials” should be chosen.
  • Then, select “Android” from the ‘Where will you be calling the API from?’ drop-down menu.
  • Now, tick the box next to “Public Data” inside the “What Data Will You Access?” section.
  • Then, choose “What credentials do I need?” after that.
  • Inside the API key area, a YouTube API key would be produced and shown. Adapt it.
  • Finally, save changes, and hit “Done.”

Freshly created Personal Key has been saved. The Kodi YouTube add-on currently accepts your API Key.

  • Load Kodi.
  • Now, select YouTube Addon.
  • Then, hit API after selecting Settings.
  • Then, turn on Personalized keys.
  • Finally, input the pre-stored Private YouTube API credentials, and then select OK.

That’s about it. Finally, your issue ought to be fixed!

You may now broadcast material using the YouTube Kodi add-on without seeing the “Kodi Youtube daily limit exceeded” error. You have now completed the procedures to build a separate YouTube API Key for yourself rather than establish the key within YouTube settings to resolve the “Kodi Youtube daily limit exceeded” problem on Kodi.


What is the YouTube Quota Usage?

The YouTube Data API uses a quota to ensure all programmers utilize the services as designed and therefore do not make programs that unjustly lower customer experience or restrict access for someone else. Every API query, even those that are incorrect, has a minimum one-point limit penalty.

How Much of a YouTube Quota is Available API?

A baseline quota allotment for programs that utilize YouTube Data API is 10,000 units daily, which is more than enough for most API customers.

Is There a Free YouTube API?

Yes, there are no costs associated with utilizing the YouTube API for businesses contacting the API. The API would provide a 403 Error if users exceed their limit.

How can I Increase My YouTube API Quota?

Anyone can use the application to request an extra quota extension if you’ve been inspected within the last twelve months and been deemed acceptable by YouTube API Services Department. Anyone can submit an inquiry using the same method when YouTube rejects your request for a further limit increase.


You ought to be tired of the YouTube plugin for Kodi frequently failing and displaying mysterious warning messages such as “Kodi Youtube daily limit exceeded.” We’ve shown readers how to solve that issue in only a few minutes. Any of these should help you overcome your problems while using the YouTube add-on to browse and play Kodi videos.

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