3 Simple Methods To Reset RGB LED Controller Yourself

How to reset RGB LED controller?

A LED controller is a device that allows you to control your LED light fixtures using a remote control or smartphone. Almost every LED-controlled device in your home will be reset in this fashion. Resetting RGB LED controllers can be tricky. It’s essential to know how to reset RGB LED controller correctly and that the RGB LED slider is closed. In this guide, we’ll learn how to reset RGB LED controller.

Resetting does not affect the light output of the LEDs. Instead, it returns the LEDs to their default state. Resetting a LED controller is a way to refresh or reinitialize a LED controller to prepare it for further use. To reset a LED controller, power cycle the device. When it turns back on, the LEDs will be back to normal.

While we go into the process of resetting LED strip lights, some methods on ‘How to reset RGB LED controller,’ and let’s have a look at how LED strips operate.

How LED Strips Work?

To begin with, LED strips have stripes of small lights which emit at the very same time to make a strand of colors. A color scheme LED strip has numerous color features on just a single LED strip. Red, green, and blue bands (RGB) are the most basic form, enabling you to constantly blend the variety of color bits here on the go to generate nearly any shade.

The brilliance and effectiveness of LED strip lights have been well. LED strip lights are often controlled by one remotely controlled system that would allow customers to adjust the appliance’s specific reference and its WIFI connectivity. It will clear all options in one fell swoop and start making again.

Until you can restore the LED strips, you must first learn to do it using the controller. This necessitates familiarizing oneself with wireless control’s operation. While each brand’s LED strip controllers are unique, they all contain identical key controls you’ll want to do a reset.

What you’ll have now is a basic understanding of how to reset RGB LED controller.

How to Reset RGB LED Controller?

There are several methods to reset the RGB LED Controller. Let’s go through them one by one.

Method 1 to Reset RGB LED Controller

  1. Connect the LED strips & turn them on for the next few moments.
  2. Remove the power adapter before switching off the controller once it has been turned off.
  3. Plug in the power source after pressing and holding the start button for another few seconds.
  4. Watch for LED strips to switch on after continuing to press the button for almost 5 seconds.
  5. These LED strips would light on and switch among red, green, blue, & yellow before turning off.
  6. Then, let go of the button whenever the LED strip remains yellow.

Method 2 to Reset RGB LED controller

  1. Connect the LED strips & switch them on in a few moments.
  2. Remove the power adapter without switching off the controller once it has been turned off.
  3. Push the power switch down for 5 seconds before turning it off.
  4. Hold 3 seconds before turning this on for 5 seconds.
  5. Do it all over again for 3 seconds off and 5 seconds on it four times.
  6. Pause for the LED strips should exhibit alternating lights again for 4th time.
  7. When it hits yellow, it has been restored.

Method 3 to Reset RGB LED Controller

  1. Find the corded controller connected to the lighting strip’s source of electricity to refresh the light strip.
  2. Inside the resetting hole on the controller, place a safety pin or comparable item.
  3. Hold down the button within the resetting hole for approximately eight seconds with the safety pin.
  4. The LED strip would flash five times and then loop through to the shades blue, green, and red if all goes well.
  5. Your light strip is now capable of connecting to the hub.

How to Reset RGB LED Controller to Get the LED Light Strip’s Output?

  1. Its red key should be pressed.
  2. Turn off the electricity.
  3. Fade 7 or the bottom right side key should be pressed.
  4. Switch the lights on and keep repeating the instructions until LED turns red.
  5. Your LED remote should now be factory reset when you’ve performed the reset method.

These are the general procedures for resetting RGB LED strips. Specific models may have a somewhat different tactic.

Reasons for Resetting the RGB LED Controller

Just a few circumstances necessitate the Colorful Light Strip being reset. When you’re attempting to set up a light strip for maybe the first time, but it isn’t connecting to the component hub, that’s one of the possibilities. Once the keys fail to respond to the correct color, follow these steps for 24 & 44 key controllers.

Some other reasons might be that you removed the light strip of the hub using the app. Under this situation, the light strip will also have to be reset. If the controller fails to work or the lights begin to flicker, you might have to reset your controller & repair it with the receiver.

A faulty connector, wireless disturbances from an external cause, or defective equipment in the remote might cause the controller to unpair itself with the receiver. You’ll need to reset your controller if any shades no more mirror the neutral strip colors.

Bear in mind that once the light strip has been reset, you should reconnect that to the hub like it’s a fresh light strip.


Would it be possible to control LED lights using numerous remotes?

The LED light strip may be connected to many remote controls. Controllers frequently remember the last changes of an LED light strip. When you’re using several controllers to operate a ribbon, the settings for the LEDs would be determined by the control you activated recently.

Do LED strip lights have cameras in them?

The color bulbs inside the light fixtures, the lighting strips, and even the Gradient lights aren’t watching on you; these are still not recognition systems to take images, films, or listen to sounds.


The above has been the most frequent method when you are looking for how to reset RGB LED controller. Naturally, only one will be determined by the model you’re utilizing. Studying how to reset RGB LED controller, on the other hand, will at least provide you with an understanding of how it’s done.

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