How to Open Xbox One Controller – Comprehensive Guide

How to Open Xbox One Controller

It may be a highly perplexing procedure for those unfamiliar with How to Open Xbox One Controller. Xbox One controllers get widely considered to be among the most significant video gaming controllers available.

Disassembling an Xbox controller is a quick and straightforward solution to fix a stuck joystick or a twitchy d-pad. It may get found in multiple places because it is compatible with various devices and is susceptible to hand grease, perspiration, food, and other detritus. If that’s the case, it’s time to pay attention to your Xbox One controller. To do so, you must first learn how to remove, clean, repair, and reinstall the Xbox One controller. 

Continue reading our guide to know all about unscrewing your Xbox controller.

Why You May Need to Open Xbox Controller?

Your Xbox One controller gets subjected to much abuse. As a result, it must get maintained regularly. You probably don’t do this other than sometimes wiping the buttons clean. However, maintaining long-term functionality from the controller necessitates knowing how to disassemble the Xbox One controller securely. The reasons could be as follow

  • Replace or repair a thumbstick.
  • Replacing or repairing a button or trigger
  • Examine the battery connections.
  • Remove any dirt that has gathered near the controls.

How to Open Xbox One Controller?

Since Xbox One controllers are among the best video game controllers; however, they can occasionally fail. If it needs repairs, consider potential snags and the specialist equipment you’ll need. Let’s jump to the primary concern, i.e., How to Open Xbox One Controller?

Things You Need to Open Xbox One Controller

You’ll need the following tools to disassemble your Xbox One controller:

  • Plastic Trim Tool
  • Xbox One Controller
  • Replacement Controller Parts (optional)
  • Torx T8H and T6 Screwdrivers

Steps on How to Open Your Xbox One Controller

Follow the steps below for How To Open Xbox One Controller

  1. Consider working on a tray to keep screws and other pieces from dropping to the floor or being misplaced.
  2. Take out your orange pry tool from your toolbox.
  3. Lever the grip away from the central controller body by sliding the pry tool between the plastic seams. It’s worth noting that there’s additional glue keeping it in place behind the plastic, so don’t be scared to use some effort.
  4. Rep this process for both grips.
  5. After that, the screws will get removed. After the controller will break apart like a sandwich. If you pull it apart too quickly, you risk damaging the cable that connects the battery to the electronics.
  6. Take out your T8 screwdriver from your toolbox and start removing the five security screws as directed. A sticker covers one of the screws in your battery housing.
  7. You will see that the controller gets divided into three halves because of this. A front faceplate, a central body with circuitry, and a battery housing are all included.
  8. Now you can look inside your gamepad to see how it works. Take care not to lose any of the components, in any case.

Xbox One Controller Opened, What’s Next?

The Xbox One controller has now get dispersed across the room. But, after that, what should you do? Here’s how to get started:


No matter what, it’s always a good idea to keep your controller clean. Cleaning is crucial for keeping your Xbox One controller’s buttons responsive, from hygienic ways for infection prevention to keep your Xbox One controller’s buttons responsive. To clean hard-to-reach spots, use a cotton swab. The majority of the cleaning gets done around the plastic components. Use a miniature vacuum cleaner specialized for electronics to gather dust that is out of reach.

Button Jammed

When you disassemble the controller, you’ll be able to concentrate your cleaning efforts on the messed-up button. If any of your buttons continue to malfunction, the motherboard’s connecting pad might be the issue. In that case, we recommend enlisting the help of experienced repair services.


You may do many repairs on your Xbox One controller by opening it. You may check the non-responsive buttons and repair the thumbstick. The joysticks on Xbox One controllers tend to be loose. In most circumstances, attaching a short metal pole to the thumbtack and inserting it into an analog controller installed on the circuit board would cure the problem.


Disassembly is also an excellent method to personalize your Xbox One controller. However, you may further modify the aesthetic of your controller by using paint tins and adhesive boosters.

Reassembling the Xbox One Controller

Reassemble your Xbox One controller following the instructions outlined above when you’re ready to use it again. In the front casing, replace the controller assembly. Before snapping the grip covers and battery cover back into place on the rear case, insert and tighten all fight screws.

After cleaning or fixing your Xbox One controller, you should be able to reassemble it and use it properly again. If not, try purchasing a replacement controller or pursuing other troubleshooting options.

Cleaning Xbox One Controller Without Opening

Most Xbox controller cleaning jobs need a complete external sweep. Even though your controller looks to be in good condition, you should clean it thoroughly. Moisture and grime collect quickly in the cracks of your controller, and even if you can’t see it, it’s almost certainly there.

It is possible to clean it without opening it. If you’re more interested in altering or correcting anything, stick to the procedures listed above.

Final Thought

The Xbox One controller is simple to disassemble. It allows you to disassemble the controller to clean the interior, repair a stuck joystick or d-pad, correct controller drift, paint it if desired, replace bummers, or repair it. However, you must exercise extreme caution and handle it with extreme caution. But if nothing works out after following the above steps, it’s best to seek professional help.

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