How to Make a YouTube Video your Ringtone? Follow These Steps

how to make a youtube video your ringtone

Previously, complicated tools and a high cost were needed to convert videos to audio. Your preferred YouTube music can now be made into a cellphone sound free of charge. You require a specific application to convert a video from YouTube into a ringtone. Possibly, it should be portable, user friendly, secure, and totally free. How to make a YouTube video your ringtone?

With the help of this guide, you can quickly turn these appealing sounds through brief audio clips for your mobile device with only an internet connection and a little free time. Learn the way to divide, trim, and make a YouTube video through an iPhone as well as Android audio by following the instructions below.

What Makes YouTube the Most Popular Place to Find Ringtones?

Among the largest video, audio, song, and other content libraries can be found on YouTube, which also maintains the film and audio bitrate quality. Both formats of YouTube movies can be downloaded easily and with little effort.

Many readily accessible apps enable quick downloading of any file from YouTube. Additionally, the majority of musicians post their tracks on YouTube first. Therefore, there is no justification for why YouTube shouldn’t be the finest place to find ringtones.

How to Make a YouTube Video your Ringtone?

Without the computer equipment and in just three simple steps, you can quickly make a clip from YouTube into your Android phone’s sound.

Create an MP3 File from a Clip from YouTube

You are going to have to physically transform the YouTube video into the MP3 format because YouTube refuses to allow straight audio downloads from YouTube videos.

Modify the MP3 Audio File

The MP3 recording must be cut in this step because ringtones cannot be longer than 30 seconds. You possess two choices for editing the MP3 music document: you may utilize third-party applications on your smartphone or tablet, or you can navigate to a music trimming webpage on your computer’s web browser.

Set the Ringtone for Audio Content

It’s about time to make the audio file you’ve been trimming in the previous part become your cell phone’s theme. Your music file must be selected as your usual ringtone.

How Can YouTube Videos Be Converted to MP3 Format?

  • You must open YouTube and find the clip that you’d like to make as your ringtone before you can convert it.
  • The Share icon is located near the footage bottom. Tap it.
  • Then click the Copy link under the roster of sharing choices.
  • Simply launch Chrome or another browser at this time.
  • Go to the page.
  • The address should now be pasted into the web page’s URL field.
  • To begin changing the clip on YouTube into a converted MP3 file, tap on Convert.
  • To obtain the MP3 audio file, click obtain.

How Can I Cut an MP3 Audio File?

Making Use of a Web Browser

  • Simply launch Chrome or a different browser on your computer and go to as the first thing you do.
  • Hit the Open File button.
  • Next, select Files through the pop-up selection.
  • Now find the MP3 recording on the machine, press it, and the internet page will accept the file.
  • Finally, choose a section of the song that is twenty to thirty seconds long and hit the Save button.

How Can I Cut an MP3 Audio File

Using Applications from Third Parties

Making YouTube music on your Android phone’s ringtone is very easy, thanks to a variety of applications developed by third parties.

  • Simply launch the program and grant the necessary access.
  • You must now select the Cut choice under the music area.
  • Among the options, select your audio in an MP3 format clip.
  • Then, after choosing the section of the music you want to use as your ringtone, press the Trim icon.
  • Finally, select Save, as well as the recorded sound will be saved to the place specified in the window that appears.

How Do I Make Music on My Phone’s Ringtone?

You can reach the settings on your smartphone once you’ve cut out the portion you want to use as your ringtone. Choose between music and sensation. Tap Ringtones. Make the MP3 recording of your regular ringtone to finish.

  • Obtain the Settings Section.
  • Find vibrations and sounds by searching.
  • Look for Phone Music within the Phone Music Menu.
  • Now pick the new Music File by clicking on the SIM Identifier.
  • It is now configured for your new ringtone.

Android Music Creators Online

These web tools can also be used to make some amusing Android ringtones.


With any online browser, MP3food’s powerful music joiner, as well as the cutter, functions flawlessly. It is a user-friendly, ad-free app that handles common sound types, including AIFF, AU, MP3, as well as M4A.


As the title implies, Ringtonemaker is an effective and attractive website for making ringtones. You can submit any type of audio file here, including FLAC, MP4, M4A, M4R, as well as others.


Ringer lets you create unique Android sounds. To change any kind of sound format to one of M4R as well as MP3 on this website, you merely submit the original audio file.


Using Melofania, you can quickly create a ringtone. You can upload MP3, M4A, M4R, or OGG audio recordings to this ad-filled website before trimming and transforming them to MP3 or M4R.

Ringtone Maker Wiz

The Audio Maker Wiz allows you to quickly trim MP3 as well as MP4 files, but that’s not all. You shouldn’t have much trouble navigating an ad-free website.


Magicode is the last online choice in this extensive selection. There are no complicated stages in this quick and simple MP3 cutter.

Is Making YouTube Movies Into Ringtones Against the Law?

It is illegal and often against the conditions of services of different channels in order to download material for which you do not have the legal right.

Use video clips of your own to create ringtones, or simply purchase them via the Apple Music audio shop. In that location, you can buy premium ringtones created by your beloved musicians.


Certain of the greatest songs, calls, and musical content are available on video. It is incredibly simple to make a particular YouTube song your phone’s sound using the technique described above. Additionally, there are several methods to accomplish the same thing. The simplest and best ways to accomplish the same task, however, have already been discussed.

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