How To Lock Screen On Youtube – Comprehensive Guide

How To Lock Screen On Youtube

Every individual of us accesses YouTube to enjoy humorous videos, listen to music, or learn something new. Children appreciate viewing cartoons on their device’s YouTube application since it has a lot of comics for a smaller audience available on YouTube. This post will discuss how to lock screen on YouTube.

Because children are so interested, they frequently touch the display. They could unintentionally modify the film like questionable material that can affect video recommendations or accidentally subscribe to a channel. In particular, if you allow your kids to view on the standard YouTube channels rather than YouTube Kids.

You might not want them to view some of the short clips in your watch history. You must be aware of how to lock screen on YouTube so they can’t access unsuitable material or accidentally touch on other applications. This guide will explain locking the YouTube display on iOS and Android devices.

Smartphones’ touchscreen responsiveness has dramatically increased. However, accidental tapping on touchscreen devices is standard. The elderly and kids might regularly make inadvertent inputs since most smartphones now utilize touchscreens instead of cursor buttons, particularly while viewing Youtube clips.

Children are constantly eager to seek, acquire, and find new things. They keep touching the display and swiping around, moving from one interface and area to the other. YouTube content viewpoints you don’t like your children to access are often visible in your history. If they travel mistakenly to other applications, they could make unintended modifications. You could easily lock the YouTube display in such circumstances. However, how do you proceed with doing it? Let’s look at how to lock screen on YouTube.

How To Lock Screen On Youtube On Android

Android smartphones include Screen Pinning, which allows you to pin any application, even YouTube. Android phones have a display pinning feature that enables consumers to lock the whole device and only enable one application to operate. One illustration of this type of application is YouTube. The kids are only allowed to use YouTube thanks to this provision, which stops them from utilizing other applications. The procedures to activate display pinning are as follows:

  • First, select “Options” on your Android smartphone.
  • From the fall option, choose “Security.”
  • After that, choose “Advanced.”
  • Screens Pinning is a function that is available in the Advanced version.
  • If you cannot locate the Screen Pinning feature, it must appear on your Android device as “Protect Display and Privacy.”
  • Enable the function on your Android phone or tablet.
  • Access YouTube now, and then press the Pin button to freeze the app.

How To Lock Screen On Youtube On iPhone

You could freeze the display while streaming YouTube content on an iPhone. According to the following steps:

  • Start your search engine and access YouTube.
  • On YouTube, click the three white lines at the pinnacle. Typically, the upper right of the screen has those three parts shown in a vertical row.
  • A list would show up once you click that option. Search that list for “Options.”
  • Choose “General” from the list of options under “Settings” to proceed.
  • Choose “Accessibility” next, after choosing “General.”
  • The “Guided Access” function can get found underneath the “Accessibility” menu category.
  • Enable the “Guided Access” feature.
  • Provide the necessary passcode when you wish to turn off the locking function.
  • Your display will instantly lock as you input the password, allowing you to view Youtube clips easily.

The “Guided Access” function may also get added right from the main screen of your device.

Other Methods To Lock Screen On Youtube

  • Dolphin Browser

YouTube Smartphone automatically halts video streaming if you use any other internet browser to freeze your display. But, the Dolphin browser makes a distinction. When accessing YouTube on a smartphone with Dolphin, you may restrict YouTube and start streaming the clip of your choice by hitting the Play option on the lock display.

  • Musi App

Use the Musi application instead of Dolphin if that doesn’t work. The application is complimentary to use. However, you may eliminate advertisements for a modest in-app purchase. Using the Browse option, you could look for a clip to stream on YouTube. The video would continue to play even if you lock the application, even though you cannot quit it.

Videos cannot be played or paused from the lock display on Musi, which is a drawback. The application does not add the player and the locking display player to the Control Center’s audio settings. You should open the application and access YouTube whenever you want to stop a video.

All Android and apple devices can restrict the display of any chosen application, including YouTube. Thanks to the numerous Lock Screen applications readily accessible on the Play store. Download this application and activate it on the smartphone after accepting the terms to turn off the touch display function.

  • Play Music In Background

Many programs use YouTube’s advanced API to present its extensive and vivid video library. NewPipe is among these apps. Even while the display is off, audio from YouTube can be listened to in the background. The software is, in fact, exempt from use. Consider looking at how events change. Installing software from unidentified sources should be permitted in Preferences > Developer Options. You get now prepared to watch your preferred videos on your smartphone.

Youtube has exceeded all rivals, being the most widely used medium for amusement. It offers users information and pleasure while also assisting in their academic progress. You may enhance the number of YouTube followers you have by providing such original material.

Bottom Line

There are ways how to lock screen on YouTube. Either subscribe to YouTube Premium, utilize the desktop option on your search engine, or utilize a third-party application. You might be required to unlock your device to play, stop, or switch the clip, but the additional work is worthwhile.

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