How To Go Back To Old Twitter Layout – Latest Methods

How To Go Back To Old Twitter Layout

There will be fallout whenever an online application makes significant modifications to its interface. On June 1, 2020, the social network will deactivate the traditional platform, requiring all desktop users to switch to the new mobile-inspired design. Not everyone seemed to like the further modifications, and many people are inquiring how to return to the old Twitter layout. If you’re one of these people, you’ll be relieved to learn How To Go Back To Old Twitter Layout; Let’s start.

Read the rest of the article. There are steps you may do to return to the previous Twitter layout if you like it. Let’s look at why the social media powerhouse opted to redesign its website and mobile app first.

Note: Since Twitter’s legacy version got shut down, there’s no use in using an unsupported browser or tinkering with cookies because the old theme is no longer supplied and instead displays an error saying, “This browser is no longer supported.”

Twitter Design Changes – Why?

For the past seven years, Twitter’s desktop interface has stayed unchanged. The engineering team was having problems updating the tech stack since it was so old. On August 11, 2021, Twitter tweeted announcing the new design changes to its site. The inclusion of a new typeface called Chirp, a decrease in the blueness of some areas, new high-contrast buttons, and more are among the enhancements.

Twitter said goodbye to login and logout struggles with the new layout; you can now switch between accounts more easily from the side menu.

Twitter Feature changes in Detail

UI Changes

The trim command menu that used to span the top of the page has got relocated to the feed’s left, with astonishingly bold text. The trends column, which used to be on the left side of the feed, has moved to the right, and the little profiles box in the top left corner, which displayed your tweets and follower numbers, has vanished. You must now go to your profile page to obtain that information.


You’ll notice the primary difference in the left-hand sidebar, which now employs a different typeface than before. The most noticeable change is the new font, Chirp, which is also the most polarizing. The font can get used across Twitter’s desktop and mobile versions, from headlines to text making up Tweets.

Personalize Profile

Themes like Lights Out and Dim aren’t the only ones available. Experiment with a variety of themes and color options to make Twitter your own.

Privacy Customization

Twitter introduces several new tools, including the option to hide favorite tweets, exit toxic conversations,  remove followers, and archive older tweets, as part of its effort to give users more privacy control.

Report Posts As ‘Misleading’

Users can now report the tweet misleading. It was the first time someone reporting disinformation must choose from fairly specific alternatives to make it easier for users to report information on the network.

Direct Messages

Direct Messages on Twitter have expanded, allowing you to send messages and check your interactions all in one spot. It eliminates the hassle of switching screens to send a DM.

It likely won’t be the last of Twitter’s design changes. According to the site’s accessibility team, more changes are in the works, but if you like the old look, we’ve got you covered. These changes have already provoked a lot of negative feedback from Twitter users.  Don’t worry, we have got you covered on How To Go Back To Old Twitter Layout.

How To Go Back To Old Twitter Layout – Two Methods

Don’t be too unhappy if you enjoyed the previous UI. There are a couple of methods to work on for How To Go Back To Old Twitter Layout

Method # 1: Goodtwitter Extension

This addon may successfully restore your Twitter interface to its previous state. Install the addon from here and follow the steps below

  • In the address box of your Firefox browser, type about:config.
  • Select “New”> “String” from the context menu by right-clicking anywhere on the page. You’ll ask to “Enter the preferred name” in a pop-up window. Type \
  • Type Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.3; Trident/7.0; rv:11.0) in the newly opened window, just like Gecko.

When you open Twitter now, you’ll see the old interface. If nothing appears to have changed when you visit your Twitter page after that, consider clearing your cache or reloading the page. What If you change your mind and wish to return to the old user interface? Return to about:config and choose “Reset” from the right-click menu on your inserted line.

Method # 2: JavaScript Console

Follow the steps below

  • On Twitter on browser and open JavaScript console by clicking Ctrl + Shift + J (Windows) or Command + Option + J (Mac). Press Ctrl + Shift + K (Windows) or Command + Option + K (Mac) in Firefox to perform this (Mac).
  • Type the following command into the JavaScript console

document.cookie=”ab decider=responsive web chirp font enabled=false&responsive web nav visual refresh enabled=false”

  • Refresh the page to get that old Twitter UI back.

Note: Unfortunately, you won’t be able to reverse all of Twitter’s platform design modifications. These approaches make use of your web browser’s JavaScript console. Regrettably, this implies that your adjustments are only temporary.

Bottom Line

It’s no surprise that the site’s relaunch coincides with the launch of Twitter’s new features. The makeover gets most likely done to accommodate and highlight these characteristics. However, certain Twitter features may occasionally fail because the new website does not support the prior layout. It’s OK if your goal is to get back to your former Twitter appearance for a brief period. Sticking with the legacy theme indefinitely, on the other hand, isn’t a brilliant idea.

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