How To Fix Stick Drift PS4 – Reasons and Fixes Explained In Detail

How To Fix Stick Drift PS4

So you want to know how to fix stick drift PS4? There are several reasons for this, but the most common is because the controller is misused, which causes drifting. Our easy-to-follow instructions will help you through the step of come handy and replacing PS4 analog sticks.

Video game controllers, such as the, are subjected to abuse throughout their existence. You’ll put it over a lot if you’re a serious player – even if you’re not the type of gamer who tosses the controller all over the room once they get beaten.

Most get subjected to severe gameplay, but some are occasionally dropped or tossed. When these controllers’ pressure becomes too intense, they may experience stick drift. 

What Is Stick Drift On A PS4?

Before we get into the reasons for PS4 controller drift, one should first define controller/analog stick drift. Stick drift occurs when the analog stick does not back into its original, intended position, resulting in undesirable consequences.

You’ve probably observed that a character will begin moving in loops or running suddenly when you’re not even touching your controller. Furthermore, you may have targeted a specific appearance in your game, and your target abruptly moves even when you have not done anything with the controller.

Because of controller drift, all of the activities mentioned above ended abruptly without your involvement; you need to know How To Fix Stick Drift PS4.

Reasons Why Stick Drift On Your PS4?

However, this is a problem if your character or viewpoint continues to move while not touching the controller. In that situation, analog stick drift is most likely to blame. PS4 controller drift can get caused by one of these things:

  • The analog stick has become filthy. The dirt may accumulate over time and cause chaos on your electrical connections. Whenever this occurs, your controller may begin to behave strangely and erratically.
  • Moisture is another uncommon cause of controller drift. It can also cause problems with your electrical connections, creating stick drifts.
  • This problem might occur if your PS4 controller is quite old, which has seen a lot of use time.
  • Lastly, the analog stick or potentiometer got broken.

We now understand what stick drift is and what causes it. It’s time to fix your PS4 controller’s stick drift.

How To Fix Stick Drift PS4 – Methods

There is just one word to describe PS4 controller drift: frustrating. We know that you do not want to be in a position where your PS4 joystick is constantly wandering and costing you crucial gameplays.

So how to fix stick drift PS4? Try the methods below to see if you can cure the controller drift problem and go back to playing your favorite games the way you want to.

In most cases, you can fix analog stick drift on your Playstation 4 controller without having to open it or send it in for repair.

Resetting PS4

Resetting the controller helps resolve a variety of problems that arise unexpectedly. If a soft reset fails, attempt a hard reset.

  • Begin by powering your PS4 and navigating to ‘Settings’ with another working controller.
  • Then choose’ Devices’ and select ‘Bluetooth devices.’
  • Continue your search for the inactive controller.
  • After selecting the inactive controller, hit the ‘options’ on your PS4 controller.
  • You will notice many options on your screen, one of which is ‘forget device.’
  • Then, as usual, switch off the PS4 and attach the non-functional controller to the console via a USB cable.
  • Finally, press and hold the PS button on the controller to restart the console. Log login to see if the drifting issue has got resolved.

Cleaning The PS4 Without Dissembling

The best technique is to clean it thoroughly utilizing a can of air compressor. So, once you’ve acquired this bit of kit, follow these simple procedures.

  • Make sure your console gets turned off before cleaning the controller up.
  • Blow canned air into and around the afflicted analog stick.
  • Rotate the joystick over, clicking the analog stick inward and spraying air throughout the whole perimeter.

Cleaning The Ps4 By Dissembling It

To reach the motherboard and perform a detailed controller cleaning, remove the shell and raise the battery. Make use of a cotton ball and a water solution plus isopropyl alcohol. Internal components should not get subjected to pressured air.

Hopefully, your controller is now completely operational. If it isn’t, specific components have likely worn out, necessitating the purchase of a new controller. If canned air doesn’t work, it’s time to start troubleshooting. Analog sticks often can wander in particular games, so try another one to ensure it’s not only that one.

Replacing potentiometer

If you wish, you may try changing the analog joystick and potentiometer (the sensor of the analog joystick). In addition to the supplies that may get purchased online, you need a soldering iron

Unless you install it yourself, purchasing a new controller is a slightly more expensive and convenient solution.

Professional Help

You can seek professional help if none of the above tricks does work. If your PS4 controller’s warranty term is still active and you’ve been experiencing controller drift, your best bet is to contact Sony.

Buying new controller

Finally, if fixing is not possible, the only choice is to purchase a new one.

Final Thoughts

It is, without a sure, an uncomfortable circumstance in which you lose a win-win game due to the errors caused by the drifting PS4 controller. A simple cleaning frequently fixes PlayStation 4 controller analog stick drift. A can of pressurized air should be sufficient, but your gadget is dirty.

Of course, if you’ve been throwing or tossing your controller around, the analog drift might be caused by damaged hardware. In that case, a replacement is very undoubtedly necessary. We believe that the procedures outlined above helped resolve your issue without giving you any more difficulty.

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