How To Do MLA Format On Google Docs? Step By Step Guide

How To Do MLA Format On Google Docs?

Google Docs is adopted by people of various ages, from schoolchildren to high-level executives. However, the amount of comprehension differs amongst groups. The format of documentation expected by commodities varies as well. Many professors want you to style your papers according to MLA standards. So that you first need to know how to do MLA format on Google Docs?

It might be challenging to remember how to accomplish all of this unless you’ve done it several times. This article will help you to structure your MLA essay using Google Docs correctly.

What is MLA format?

Although we are obliged to use various forms when creating papers, some standard formats, such as MLA, are constantly in demand. The MLA format, which gets extensively used for research papers and academic articles, was created by the Modern Language Association.

General Guidelines of MLA format

While your teacher may have particular criteria, the following are the fundamental standards for MLA format:

  • The content should be double-spaced with no additional spaces between paragraphs, with a font size of 12 Times New Roman, and written in a legible typeface
  • One-inch page margins on both sides.
  • Above the body text, the title should get centered.
  • In the top-right corner of each page, there is a header with your last name and a page number.
  • Write your full name, the instructor’s name, the course name, and the due date in the top-left corner of the first page.
  • Indent the first 1/2 inch of each body paragraph.
  • After the main content, there is a page devoted to citations.

When MLA Style gets used correctly, it makes it easier for readers to browse and interpret a work by using familiar cues related to sources and borrowed content.

How To Do MLA Format On Google Docs?

Let’s jump to the primary concern, i.e., how to do MLA format on Google Docs? Well, when it comes to drafting an MLA formatted paper on Google Docs, you have two alternatives. One option is to prepare your report yourself in a blank Google Doc, following the instructions, which will get discussed below.

The alternative option is to utilize a Google Docs template that has all of the necessary MLA formatting. The Template makes everything so much easier. However, it is also beneficial to learn how to do part of the formatting yourself.

Via Template way

Setting up an MLA format in Google Docs requires the following steps:

  • Go to File > New > From Template to start a new document.
  • A template gallery will appear in a new tab.
  • To find the Report MLA add-on, go to the Education area and scroll down.
  • A new document will start with some fake text, which you may later replace with your own. The formatting for the paper will already be in place. Play around with the words and swap them out as required.

Above is the way when you open a blank Google Doc. In contrast, you can also use the Template without opening a blank Google Doc. Follow the steps below:

  • To begin, launch Google Docs in the Google Chrome browser.
  • Then, in the upper right corner of the Google Docs home page, pick Template Gallery.
  • Then, from the range of suggested templates, select the Report MLA format.

Via Manually

To use MLA formatting or to answer how to do MLA format on Google Docs? Follow the steps below

Open Google Doc

To manually set the MLA format, you must first log in to your Gmail account. After signing in, you should see your email dashboard. Look to the top right for your profile photograph and name. To view your applications, click on the squared dot icons. “Docs” should be one of your selections. Select “Docs.”

Style and Font Size Format

The style and font size are the first items to modify when starting a new blank document. Choose Times New Roman as your font. Make sure to set it to 12, which is the standard font size for MLA format. It’s acceptable if you want to get creative with your style but don’t. If you stick to the MLA-style rules, you’ll save yourself significant grade points in the long run.


The text of your work must be double-spaced in MLA format. When you first start typing, single-spacing is generally the default. You may modify the spacing before you start typing, or you can change it after you’ve finished typing by highlighting all of the text and following the procedures outlined here. To modify the line spacing in Google Docs, go to the Line Spacing panel and click Double.

Indented Paragraphs

Google Docs has an option to indent paragraphs automatically. But you can also do this by pressing the Tab key once at the beginning of the section. Do not indent by repeatedly pressing the space bar; instead, use the Tab key.

Header and Page Number

The next step uses Google Docs to construct an MLA format header. Select the Insert menu from the menu bar, then ‘Headers and footers’ from the drop-down list of choices: select Header & Page Number from the Insert menu to open the header. A header in the top-right corner of each page should mention your last name and the page number. Last but not least, update the font to Times New Roman and 12 sizes.

Centered Title

Google Docs provides four alignment settings in the toolbar above your content. To move your pointer to the center of the screen, select the second option, center align.


This isn’t a big deal; new Google Docs papers have one-inch margins by default.

Your Detail

To write, choose left alignment and write your name, your teacher’s name, the name of the class, and the current date on separate lines.


Your Works Cited section offers a list of all of the sources you have summarised, paraphrased, or quoted from throughout your essay, arranged alphabetically. This page should come at the end of the report and start a new page.

Final Thought

Correctly formatting a paper or essay in Google Docs may appear complicated at first. But, in time, it will become second nature. We hope so this article helps in understanding the essentials of the MLA style guide.

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