How To Delete Wayfair Account? [Using PC / Mobile / Email / Phone Call]

How to delete Wayfair account

There are benefits to having a profile with Wayfair, an online retailer of furniture and other items for the home. But at some point, you might be thinking about deleting your Wayfair account. You might be googling about how to delete Wayfair account? This article will assist you in closing your Account if you no longer use Wayfair. Still, the process differs differently for users on desktop and mobile, so we’ve created specific step-by-step instructions for each platform.

What Is Wayfair?

Before jumping to the main question, first, get to know what Wayfair is? You may choose various furniture and household décor alternatives at the home furniture and decor firm Wayfair. In 2007, two friends who had previously worked at Amazon launched the business, and Boston, Massachusetts, serves as its workplace.

The business offers a wide range of home furnishings, including beds, lamps, carpets, wall art, mirrors, and kitchen equipment. According to Wayfair, it is your one-stop-shop for all things domestic and a location that aids anybody, everywhere, in creating their sense of home.

Applications for iOS and Android are available. You may get the app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Over 1 million active clients use the company’s website monthly to make purchases.

Wayfair is an extensive online retailer that annually sells about 14 million pieces of furniture and other home items for over $7 billion.

 Things to Consider Before Deleting The Wayfair Account?

Even though the platform service may have left you unsatisfied, the app does entail purchases and payments. Therefore, before deleting the Account, you must read all the terms and conditions. Making backups of your data and purchasing history is also crucial. Before making a choice, consider the following.

  • When you remove your Account, all of your data will still be available on Wayfair.
  • Your information consists of phone numbers, addresses, and payment information.
  • You will not receive a refund for any reward points that are left unused on your Account because Wayfair also offers a reward point program.
  • After deleting the previous one, you can create a new account utilizing your old email. You won’t have access to the correct data previously on the Account, though.
  • Whether you have any unfulfilled orders or unpaid purchases, you cannot deactivate your Account. Before submitting a request, confirm that all funds have gets cleared.

If you have carefully read all the conditions, you may go to the following part, where we go through how to delete the Account in more detail.

How to Delete Wayfair Account From Desktop?

For instructions on how to delete your Wayfair account on desktop, see below:

  • Browse your profile.
  • From the home page, select Options and privacy by clicking the three dots in the left sidebar.
  • Choose “Delete” for your Account.
  • After reviewing the data, select “Delete.”
  • Your password will need to be verified. You may then select “Delete” once again.

That’s how you do it in simple steps.

How to Delete Wayfair Account From Mobile?

You may also remove your Account using the Wayfair mobile app, despite the different user experience; here’s how:

  • Connect your Wayfair account by logging in via the mobile web.
  • Tap the privacy menu button next to your profile symbol, then choose “Settings.”
  • Click “Account” under your username.
  • your Account by tapping “Delete.”
  • After reading the messages, select “Delete.”
  • After being asked for your password, you can press “Delete” one last time.

If you no longer wish to utilize an old account or have forgotten your Wayfair login information. You may then remove your Wayfair account without using a password or login information. To use this approach, you need a friend with a Wayfair account who is willing to lend over their devices for a bit of time so that you may contact Wayfair support.

How to Delete Wayfair Account Through a Phone Call?

If you are hesitant to send an email, you fear the replies won’t come immediately. Instead of requesting over the phone directly in that situation, you can contact customer service.

Call Wayfair’s customer service at 866-263-8325

How to Delete Wayfair Account  Via Email?

Sending an email to Wayfair Support with the subject line “Close My Account” is another simple approach to disable or permanently cancel your Wayfair account. Follow the steps below for deleting the WayFair account

  • You may find the contact email address by scrolling to the “Help and Support Centre” section.
  • Then, type a statement outlining your problem and why you wish to delete your Account and hit “Send.”

Can You Reopen Your Wayfair Account?

So what if you delete your Account? Can you open it again? Deactivating the Wayfair account indicates that you still wish to utilize it even if the account deletion is irreversible. For the first 30 days after deactivation, you can still revive the Account before permanently deleting it and all of its data.

If you modify the account settings before deactivation, you can reuse your username and email address. So, login in as normal if you wish to reactivate the account before the 30 days are over.

Final Thought

In conclusion, Once the procedures are complete, you will be signed from your Account, and the Wayfair account gets permanently terminated. An email informing you that the Account got deleted should arrive. You must access the Wayfair site and log in if you ever wish to reactivate the Account. You will keep all your data, and the Account got restored.

Therefore, you must wait 30 days and refrain from signing into your Account if you wish to erase the Wayfair profile and all of your data. The Account got deleted from the website after 30 days, and you won’t be able to revive it.

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