How To Deactivate A Tile? Deleting, Deactivating, Reactivating Tile

How To Deactivate A Tile

The Tile Mate is undoubtedly one of the greatest Bluetooth tracking gadgets today. It couldn’t be simpler to activate a new Mate and link it to the smartphone using the Tile app. However, if you acquired a used Tile Mate or what you thought was a fresh product and has already got activated. In that case, you may be asking if you can reset a tile or how to deactivate a tile?

Quick Answer: It is impossible to deactivate a Tile after being linked to an account. It can, however, get moved to another account. You could have the seller reach our Customer Service team via their Tile app account email to transfer the Tile to you to safeguard your privacy.

Keep on reading to know all about Tile.

What Is A Tile?

Tile trackers are little Bluetooth gadgets that allow you to locate the keys, wallet, or whatever you may connect them to. However, once you’ve linked them to your account, they’re intentionally challenging to delete.

How To Transfer A Tile?

When you buy a secondhand Tile Mate, the previous owner must transfer the device from his account to yours. It is a five-step procedure that involves only a few minutes to complete.

  • The first step is to ensure you’ve installed the Tile app on your phone and made an account.
  • Then, have the original owner open the Tile app and pick the Tile to get transferred.
  • Select More Tools, then TRANSFER TILE under ACTIONS.
  • Fill in the new Tile account email account.
  • The message “Transfer Complete” will show, and you will be ready to go.

By  Unpair Tiles From Phone

  • In the app, select your prior smartphone.
  • Go to the bottom of the page and choose “More Options,” then “Remove Phone.”
  • Your account will get deactivated, and your device will get removed. You won’t be able to ring it or transfer it using Tile in the future.

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How To Deactivate A Tile? – Deleting a Tile

So how to deactivate a tile? In most cases, the choices described above should be sufficient to solve any difficulty you may have. Even if you never use a Tile again, hiding it has the same practical effect as removing it. Yet, if you like to get rid of a Tile and make sure no one else may use it in the future, you must contact Tile support. There are some alternatives available.

Chat support is available

To chat with Tile online, open any page in Tile’s online Support Center and hover over the blue How Can We Help? Button at the bottom of the screen, and click Live Support. It will enable you to contact a Tile representative.

Email support

When you prefer to interact with Tile through email (or if you cannot reach him during work hours), please use this form to submit a support request.

Again, deleting the Tile is a headache, so do so only if you need to deactivate a Tile. Once you’ve erased your Tile, it’ll not be constructive. You will not be able to reactivate it, nor will anybody else on your account.

If you need to delete an old Tile from the account, there are several options, each of which works somewhat differently:

Cover a Tile

You can temporarily hide a Tile in the list if it has a dead battery or if you don’t want to view it anymore. It will keep the Tile active on the account, but you will no longer receive alerts about it, and it will no longer appear in your Tile list. You can permanently unhide a Tile first from the Settings menu.

Transfer a Tile

With this option, you may give your Tile to someone else. To do so, you’ll need to contact Tile’s customer service.

Replace a Tile

The non-removable battery in the Tile will eventually die. You may purchase a new Tile and replace your old one when this occurs, and this will deactivate your previous Tile.

Delete a Tile

You should contact Tile’s customer support if you want to delete a Tile from your account completely. The nuclear option is what it’s called. Once a Tile gets deactivated for security concerns, it cannot get reinstated on any account. Choose one of the other choices if you want to give the Tile away or conceal it for a bit.

Now you know how to deactivate a tile. But, In general, you should avoid deleting a Tile, but we’ll go over and use each alternative.

How To Reactivate A Tile?

You have a few options if you’ve followed the directions above and your Tile Mate is still not activating.

According to Tile, check to ensure the device & app are up to date first. Run necessary upgrades on both before going on to troubleshooting alternatives.

If that still does not function, Tile offers one more option for you to try before contacting their support team:

  • Turn off your smartphone and wait 2 – 3 minutes until turning it back on.
  • Launch the Tile app and keep it open for 2 minutes more.
  • Try pressing the Tile button for 1 second again.
  • Your Tile should now play a brief song and be activated and ready.

Tile takes pride in producing incredibly user-friendly products. These simple techniques can most likely solve your reactivation issue in a few minutes.

Final Thought

Despite its remarkable technical capabilities, the Tile does not include a disable or reset button. On the other hand, continuous activation can get transferred between accounts.

You might sell, trade, or donate your old Tile Mate with the assurance that the next owner will utilize it. Furthermore, because your app’s account manages all settings, none of your previous settings will get transferred over for the activation. The owner has a brand new Tile that they can configure to locate all of their missing stuff rapidly.


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