How to Connect Anker Speaker? Here’s How! (Tips & Tricks)

how to connect anker speaker

It might sound challenging and delicate to link and adjust your Bluetooth devices. Timing issues occasionally arise, and occasionally the links are simply incorrect. Below is an instruction manual to show you how to connect Anker speakers to your devices. This document will assist you in determining the Anker speaker’s pairing setting. In addition, via solutions to problems, you can discover ways of connecting the gadgets to Anker speakers using a variety of ways. So, let’s dig right into it, how to connect Anker speaker? Let’s find out.

What is an Anker Speaker and Why is It a Popular Choice?

With strong bass and excellent sound clarity, the Anker SoundCore transportable Bluetooth speaker excels. This is a simple device to transport and can be used to play your favorite music while engaging in any outdoor activity.

One of its characteristics is a 24-hour recording period on a single battery. Other features involve IPX5 water resistance and a sturdy build character.

In the US, Anker is a brand that is well known. It is primarily due to its goods’ minimalist design, use of everyday objects, durability, and affordability. By giving its customers goods that precisely accomplish what it set out to, it has managed to keep its clients happy.

A number of the products truly go above and beyond what the customers anticipated. Actually, they provide a range of affordable portable speakers with Bluetooth.

How Do you Turn On an Anker Speaker and Put It in Pairing Mode?

Bluetooth connectivity is used by the Anker Soundcore to communicate with additional devices. The majority of devices require Bluetooth pairing before streaming can be activated. The procedure of pairing and connecting is fairly straightforward.

  • Your Bluetooth device must first be turned on by grasping the power switch for a couple of minutes till it flashes white and begins to play music.
  • When you use it for the first time, it will immediately go into pairing mode and flash a light that’s blue. In any other case, you can initiate the pairing process by pressing the Bluetooth button.
  • It will instantly connect to whatever device it has already connected with and display a steady blue LED indicator if it has already done so. The controls on the front of the audio device or the Soundcore application can be used to operate it directly. Despite not having backlighting, the buttons are easily operated without glancing down because they protrude via the speaker and have easily recognizable forms.

How Do you Connect your Anker Speaker to a Device via Bluetooth?

Android Mobile Device

  • Select Connections under Settings.
  • The gray button will change to blue once Bluetooth is turned on.
  • The mobile device will look for any Bluetooth gadgets that are accessible.
  • Pick Soundcore when it appears on the screen.


  • The Bluetooth link can be enabled by clicking Settings.
  • The mobile device will begin searching for accessible Bluetooth devices for pairing with immediately.
  • Select Soundcore when it appears on the screen.

PC Running Windows 10

  • Pressing the “Windows + I” hotkey while your Windows notebook is running will launch the Windows Preferences.
  • This laptop’s Bluetooth can then be activated by clicking on Devices.
  • Next, select “Add Bluetooth or other device” from the menu.
  • It will search for any accessible devices on your laptop.
  • Pick Soundcore from the selection when it appears.


  • Activate Bluetooth by clicking System Preferences.
  • The moment you select “turn Bluetooth on,” your notebook can be found.
  • A search for Bluetooth items will begin on the laptop.
  • While Soundcore appears on the selection, choose it.

The gadgets are linked when you choose the speaker as well as a steady blue illumination turns on and plays a confirmation tone.

How Do you Connect your Anker Speaker to a Device Via Auxiliary Cable?

Two earlier Anker speakers can be linked together via a Bluetooth transmitter as well as a recipient or an aux adapter. To send the signal to multiple speakers, you can divide the wired link using auxiliary adapters. Additionally, headsets can be used for this.

Older versions that depend on cables may continue to be paired with one another, but doing so will cost you extra money and take more time than just connecting wirelessly.

How Do you Connect your Anker Speaker to a Device Via Auxiliary Cable

Please Carry Out these Actions

  • To connect the Flare speakers, tap and hold the Bluetooth switch on each for five seconds at once. When these two loudspeakers are in connection mode, the Bluetooth LEDs will glow white.
  • Both of the loudspeakers will properly pair once you detect a tone. The first speaker is going to have a solid white sign, and the other will have a blinking white sign.
  • The main speaker should then be connected to a Bluetooth device using an AUX wire. A pair of Soundcore Flare devices can now be connected via an AUX wire for playing audio.

How Can you Customize the Audio Settings on your Anker Speaker?

You are able to modify the EQ parameters on certain of those speakers that work via the Soundcore program to suit your tastes.

  • Get the Soundcore software through the Apple Software Store or the Android Play Store.
  • Using Bluetooth, connect your device to your cell phone.
  • Check that the speaker is linked to the Soundcore application by opening it.
  • To modify your speaker’s EQ, locate Equalizer Options within the Soundcore program.

The equalization settings on a few of our devices that work with the Soundcore software can be adjusted to suit your tastes.

  • Playing music from a single source, including a Bluetooth mobile device, after you’ve paired both Soundcore Mini speakers or after pairing Soundcore Mini to a separate Bluetooth device. The equilibrium for Left/Right upon mobile device sound output ought to then be provided.
  • Android devices should be able to do this; I’ll attempt it on an iPhone and report back if it works.

Why Isn’t My Anker Speaker Connecting?

The Device has Left Its Range

Bluetooth connections cannot be maintained if your smartphone is too far away from your speaker.

Defective Bluetooth

The device cannot join at all and cannot communicate with other Bluetooth-enabled gadgets if its Bluetooth connectivity component is damaged.

The Speaker is Not Set to Pair

  • On the gadget, you desire to link to, first disable Bluetooth.
  • As soon as the pairing feature is activated, hit and hold the Bluetooth switch on the audio device for two to three seconds. When the speaker is set up for connection, a blue light will flash.
  • Try re-establishing contact with the device once it is in pairing mode.
  • Your gadget is connected to the speaker if an ongoing blue light appears on it.

How Do I Reset My Anker Bluetooth Speaker?

  • You must unpair each gadget that was previously connected with the Anker SoundCore Wireless Speaker if you want to factory reset it.
  • Now, for five seconds, hover over the Volume+ as well as Play/Pause keys simultaneously.
  • The Bluetooth icon must then be pressed and held for a further two seconds.
  • The individual speaking blue light ought to begin to flicker, signaling that pairing mode has been entered.


  • The Anker SoundCore Wireless Speaker can be turned off by pressing “Power Key” one time.
  • Allow the Anker device to shut off for a full minute.
  • By hitting the power switch, the Anker SoundCore Bluetooth Device is going to turn on.

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