How To Change Your Name on PayPal – Latest Method You Should Know

How to change your name on PayPal

Today, we will go through how to change your name on PayPal in extensive detail. PayPal is a handy platform, particularly if you frequently purchase and sell items online. It has grown into the most common strategy of managing short-term funds. It is straightforward to utilize and provides a service that ensures an extremely high degree of security throughout transfers.

But if you’ve found this guide, we’re confident you obviously understand how PayPal operates and are probably a subscriber to the platform. However, perhaps after making the profile, you discovered that you wrote your name incorrectly and now wish to modify it and don’t sure how.

Well! If you experience this or a related issue, We will assure you straight away that you’ve reached the right site. Read more about the simplest methods to change your surname on your Paypal.

Users may establish personal or company accounts linked to existing banking accounts and then use PayPal to send or accept money for products purchased and delivered over the Internet.

PayPal Profile

When you initially create a PayPal profile, you give it an individual email address details or company. PayPal demands that your profile get linked to your valid, correct name. If your name gets changed due to a wedding, separation, or a court ruling, you may seek to reinstate it via the website.

PayPal does provide options for updating the information linked with your accounts. You could also make adjustments to your spelling mistakes. You must present PayPal paperwork proving the modification, regardless of the cause for the alteration. PayPal will alter your name once you confirm that it gets legitimately amended. Let’s look at how to change your name on PayPal.

How To Change Your Name On Paypal?

If you had entered your name incorrectly the first time. For instance, an arbitrary surname or an alias — your surname on your identity records and the information in your PayPal profile will not coincide. You should approach PayPal user support and present legal proof to alter your name.

But, before proceeding to the operational section, a required premise must get established. Suppose you made a mistake when inputting your name. In that case, you may immediately alter one or two characters by going to the PayPal options.

Whenever, on the opposite side, you wish to change your name or nickname. You must give PayPal proof of identification documentation and a copy of an invoice or banking statement to fulfill the transaction. More of the chit-chat; let’s get down to business and examine in full the method for changing your username on PayPal.

Change your Official and Surname

Now, suppose you wish to modify your valid name on your familial enrollment. You must scan a government-provided valid ID such as a driving license in that scenario. You should also give legal proof of a name alteration, such as a marriage contract or a judicial decree.

After submission, you must sit tight for PayPal to verify the modifications; PayPal claims it usually about a week.

Note: PayPal functions in a manner comparable to that of a bank. To make modifications to such details, they must provide genuine and legal identification confirmation. Because of the essence of their company, they get forced to comply with specific rules that necessitate companies to be accessible to evaluate you in a range of circumstances.

  • Utilizing a search engine, connect to the PayPal profile.
  • Use the tool symbol to manage your settings,
  • The name presently associated with your PayPal profile will get shown on the settings screen. Press “Update” to make changes.
  • Select the Edit option beside your legal name and nickname.
  • Choose the item to alter your name. If you choose an alias while registering and now wish to replace it with your valid name, click the option to modify your character.
  • Scan your valid identification with your former name. Scan your picture ID with your new identity or the judicial paperwork confirming the name alteration and transfer the images to your PC.


The document should be in PDF, JPG, or PNG format, with a document name of no more than 40 words and the document size of no more than 5 MB.

  • Select Browse and choose the necessary docs to upload.
  • Examine the product I’d want to get my name changed.
  • Select Submit from the drop-down menu.

PayPal will investigate your petition after going through all the listed steps above for How to change your name on PayPal. If your request gets approved, your name will change to the one specified in the paperwork.

Minor Adjustment

You shouldn’t need documents if you want to tweak the name slightly. However, just a few letters can get changed, and this modification can only get made once.

  • Go into the PayPal profile utilizing a chrome browser.
  • Configure your settings by clicking the tool icon in the top corner of the page.
  • The name associated with your PayPal profile will get shown on the preferences screen. Choose “Update” to alter it.
  • Press on the Change option next to add a Slight Adjustment.
  • Select Correct a minor mistake.
  • Modify the necessary adjustments, then tick the box next to I wish to alter my name and press the Modify name option.

The operation gets finished. If all goes as planned, the notice Your name gets modified will appear. All you need to do now is press the “ok” button proceed to the home screen.

Bottom line

If you implemented these directions but were unable to amend your name, or if you filed your request to modify your details but have received no response from PayPal. We urge that you seek help via the proper channels. If the digital assistant cannot give a solution, your message will get passed to a live agent, to whom you may seek help in live time.

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