How To Change Printer Ink In Canon Printers [Complete Tutorial]

How To Change Printer Ink Canon

Printers are considered a great device in the modern era. There is not a single thing to complain about it except changing its ink cartridge. Owning the best-in-class printing feature is only possible if the container gets filled with genuine and sufficient ink cartridges. However, when the ink runs out, you will not obtain color printouts with clarity. Changing the ink in your printer is part of routine maintenance. It is also required to get the best printing feature available. Now you might be wondering how to change printer ink canon? However, replacing ink cartridges and refilling them is difficult unless you know exactly how to do it.

What You’ll Need To Change Printer Ink Canon

Purchase fresh ink cartridges from an office supply store or an internet source after determining the ink cartridge you require. Check your printer’s manual to see what kind of ink cartridges your device takes, or go online for suitable cartridges for your exact printer.

How To Change Printer Ink Canon? Step by step Guide

Isn’t it true that your printer produces high-quality printed documents? However, you may be wondering how to change printer ink canon? How much information do you need to change it?

Well, after replenishing the ink in the empty ink cartridge, you can begin printing anything. However, a sufficient understanding of how to fill the ink in your printer is required. If you want to learn how to put ink in a Canon printer efficiently, then follow the instructions outlined below:

  • Firstly, you have to check that your printer is on.
  • First and foremost, carefully open your printer’s access door, which is above the paper tray. It looks like a drawer, has a finger depression at the top that you must push into. You will hear a click sound, causing the ink cartridge holder to shift to the printer’s center.
  • Carefully pull out the old ink cartridges with your thumb and index finger to remove them.
  • Remove the protective tape from the new ink cartridge when it has got removed from its packaging.
  • Insert the ink cartridge into the vacant slot until it touches the metal faces within the gap.
  • Lights will turn on when your ink cartridge is correctly fitted.
  • Close your Canon printer’s access door and wait a few seconds until the indicator light on your printer becomes solid.

If you follow the instructions strictly, you will install a new cartridge in your Canon printer properly.

Testing the New Cartridge

Depending on the printer model, it will do a self-test on its own, or you will have to perform it manually. It takes only a few minutes, and the device tries to print a trial page. After that, you may use your printer as usual.

Maintenance software

The final step is to launch the Canon printer maintenance software from your PC. Select “Clean and Align” from the Print Properties menu in the maintenance program. Insert a few blank pages in your printer’s tray before pressing OK. After a few pages, the printer will display a notification on your screen indicating that the printer cartridges have aligned.


If you attempt to transfer the cartridge manually while the printer gets turned off, you risk damaging the printer.

Points To Remember Before Changing Printer Ink Canon

You need to memorize some points before you learn how to change printer ink canon. Some of them are as follow:

  • Always use new authentic ink cartridges rather than third-class or ineffective ones since they may cause print head nozzle blockage.
  • Wipe out the ink cartridge with a white cloth.
  • After removing the ink cartridge package and pouring the ink one at a time, never leave the ink cartridge door open in your printing machine.
  • Rather than utilizing an ink cartridge that has an expiration date, use one that has a valid date of use.
  • Only remove your cartridges if you have spares on hand. Leaving a print head unfilled for an extended period might cause it to dry out and become worthless. Dust may potentially enter the printer, causing it to overheat.
  • After installing the ink cartridges, always print a test page. As it prints with heavy ink in the beginning and gradually reduces to average thickness. So that the ink followed may be checked and rectified before printing your actual document.
  • If you can’t locate the model name and specifics, look in the printer’s manual or call customer service with your printer information.

Drawbacks of changing ink cartridge on a printer

Although changing the ink cartridge is of great use for you, there are some downfalls. Some of them are as follow:

  • To begin with, if you do it yourself, you may find the process untidy, time-consuming, and difficult to get perfection. If you don’t do it rightly, it will stain. It can also be challenging to load cartridges correctly, resulting in overfilling and difficulties with air bubbles in the cartridge. It has an impact on print quality and may cause harm to the printer itself. You might not have these issues if you get your cartridges refilled by a specialized provider.
  • The ink refill kit you buy from third-party sellers is usually of lesser quality than the ink used by the printer’s manufacturer. And this will affect the quality of your printing. In rare cases, a refilled cartridge may not print consistently. In rare cases, it may skip colors, muddle them up, or print streaks and blobs on the page. Also, the prints may fade faster over time.
  • So printer cartridges only have a single usage, and refilling them again to use them often may cause complications. Over time, the print heads, nozzles, and foam inside cartridges fade, potentially resulting in poor print quality.

Final Thought

Canon printers are great art printing devices. Everything about them is fantastic. Canon printers produce more prints than any other printer globally, but they also run out of ink at some time. Above is the way how to change the ink cartridge. If you don’t have a handyman in your area, you’ll have to undertake this task following the above guide independently.

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