How Many USB Ports on PS5 – All Details You Need to Know

How Many USB Ports on PS5

It’s essential to know How Many USB Ports On PS5? What are the capabilities of these PS5 ports? What accessories are compatible with them? We talk everything in this report. 

Almost every console on the market today has some form of USB connectivity. Since its release, the PlayStation 5 has been a huge hit. PS5 is currently available in PS5 Standard Edition and PS5 Digital Edition.

If you’ve recently purchased one of its editions, you may be wondering which USB ports should you use to connect your various accessories and add-ons. The PlayStation 5 includes four USB ports, each of which supports a different connection speed and is compatible with multiple devices.

Competition for a USB slot could be vibrant in some houses because everything has a USB connection port from controllers to mice, keyboards, VR headsets, and even flying sticks. That is why it is crucial to how many USB ports on PS5.

Don’t worry; we’ll go through all you need to know about PS5 USB ports, including what you should put in each one.

How Many USB Ports on PS5 – Front And Back Configuration

There are three ports on the PS5 consoles: two on the face and two on the back. There’s also an HDMI 2.1 input, Gigabit LAN, and a power port on the back. To some players, this will signify something, but it will be as clear as mud to others, so keep reading if you want to learn more about how many USB ports on PS5?

Available USB ports on the face of the PS5

  • USB Type-A (High-Speed USB) port x 1
  • USB Type-C port with SuperSpeed USB (10Gbps) x 1

Available USB ports on the rear of the PS5

  • USB type-A, SuperSpeed USB (10Gbps) x 2

What Do The Various USB Kinds Mean on PS5?

PlayStation 5, the most significant upgrade, comes with so many exciting new releases yet to come. The only way to interact with your console is through its front and backports.

For example, if you want to do some track racing on your new console, you can do it with the controllers, but if you’re going to get a feel for the real thing while sitting in your room, the driving wheel got made for you.

It can only get connected to your console via a high-speed port. If you wish to buy it, you should first figure out how many USB ports on PS5 are compatible with it. So, if you’re curious whether or not you’ll be able to connect it, you’ll find out in the following paragraphs.

Front: USB Type-A Port (Hi-Speed USB X 1)

As previously stated, the type-A connector on the front of the PS5 is a Hi-Speed USB port that helps pair and recharge your DualSense controller. It may also get used to charging other wireless devices such as headsets due to its charging capabilities.

This connector is not compatible with PS5 expanded storage or HD Camera, but it can connect to the PlayStation VR headset. PS4 accessories, such as the DUALSHOCK4 wireless controllers, are compatible with Type-A USB ports on the PS5. So, if someone is happy with their old equipment, they can use it with any PS5 slots.

Front: USB Type-C Port (Super-Speed USB 10Gbps X 1)

The type-C port is a SuperSpeed USB port, meaning it can carry data at speeds of up to 10 Gigabits per second. USB Type C port on the front of the PS5 can join the Sony PS Cam or the HD Cam. For this connection to operate, you’ll need an adaptor for the PlayStation Camera.

The USB Type-C socket across the front of the PS5 is suitable for connecting PS5 expanded storage. If you’re using USB controllers, you can try connecting them to a Type-C connector, but there’s no assurance that it’ll work.

Back: USB Type-A Port (Super-Speed USB 10Gbps x 2)

Apart from the five other ports, the Super-Speed port is positioned on the back of the console and has a 10 Gigabit per second transfer rate. These two ports perform all of the Hi-Speed USB Type-A port functions.

They’re compatible with the PS5 DualSense and PS4 DualShock4 controllers, as well as the HD Cam, PlayStation VR, and wireless headset. Because external SSD storage that supports the PS5 front USB Type-A connector has yet to get produced, back USB Type-A can get utilized to connect external storage such as HDDs and SSDs.

So now, besides knowing how many USB ports on PS5, you have got an insight into their specs too. To make a choice more straightforward for you, we will also compare some other features.

PS5 Vs Xbox One – Technology Comparison

If you’re a techie, this may incline your decision towards the PS5, as the new Xbox Series X only has Type-A ports, which means the console doesn’t allow Type C peripherals, and you’ll have to remain with Type A alone.

Apart from the most prominent aspect that can outperform any other current console is the superfast speed of the PS5 connections, which allow a 10 Gigs upload speed on the USB-C connector. In contrast, the Xbox Series X has standard USB-A ports that deliver 5 Gigs, half the upload speed.

Furthermore, the PS5 has the latest Wi-Fi 6 wireless aerial, with Bluetooth 5.1, and has a speed of 9.6Gbit/s, whereas the Xbox X or S only has a Wi-Fi 5 chip, which is the older, current-gen device.

Another intriguing feature is the M2 bay, which allows players to remove the side cover and connect NVMe PCIe 4.0 drives to extend PS5 storage. In contrast, Xbox Series X/S customers can only choose from a Seagate 1TB specially made expansion card.

Final Thoughts

The technology we’re discussing here will significantly impact how the forthcoming consoles get used in general. Modern consoles must have sufficient ports to meet the demands of an increasing number of peripherals. Three out of four next-generation ports on the PS5 make it more future-proof than its competitors, which is an incredible feat of engineering. But don’t take us wrong: we’re not advocating for one side or the other; we’re simply expressing the obvious!

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