Does Zoom Notify Screenshots? Understanding Zoom Security!

does zoom notify screenshots

A question many of us have wondered while using Zoom is ‘Does Zoom notify screenshots?’. Many people, including myself, have assumed that zoom indeed does notify. But does it? The answer is a solid ‘No .’Zoom doesn’t have any such tool or feature available to recognize any screenshot taken to notify anyone else or the person himself.

Even though you are allowed to take screenshots on your phone, your PC, and other devices while using zoom, you can’t get notified about it because zoom doesn’t support notifications. In this article, we will discuss whether you can take a screenshot in zoom, whether you are notified about it, how to tell if someone has taken a screenshot, and other alternatives to screenshots, etc.

Can you Take a Screenshot in Zoom?

We can take screenshots in zoom. We engage in zoom meetings for a lot of reasons. It can be an office meeting on daily, weekly, monthly, and annual reports and progress; we also have zoom meetings in schools and universities for lectures and tutoring sessions.

During these times, it is much easier to take screenshots of the slides displayed on the screen rather than waste time and energy writing them down. So, of course, the screenshot is an important feature zoom gives us to use.

The screenshots for zoom are taken in different ways for different devices. For example, for windows 10, we use the keyboard shortcut Windows + PrtSc for the entire screen print. And if you’re planning to capture only a part of it, use the keys Windows (logo) + shift + S.

Suppose you’re using a mac; press Shift + Command + 3 to capture the whole window. And if you want to capture a part of it, use Shift + Command + 4.

And if you’re using your android/ iOS phone, the option varies from phone to phone, but the most common way is to press the Power button + volume down/volume up.

There are also many other third-party tools we could use. They have many other flexible features designed in them for use. For example, we have Snagit, a light shot, and an awesome screenshot.

Does Zoom Notify Other Participants When you Take a Screenshot?

If you’re assuming that zoom would notify other participants when you take a screenshot, it is a big no. zoom doesn’t notify the host or the other participants when you take screenshots.

Zoom doesn’t have any in-built or other external features to make any notifications. Zoom doesn’t have any form of restrictions on capturing the screen.

We often do this when we are too lazy or have enough work on our shoulders, so we can skip taking notes on a pad or notebook.

Sometimes we need to make sure that we don’t share or take screenshots of certain meetings that are confidential in case we share them with others, especially when taken without consent.

We will have to go through copywriting issues and other legal struggles just for a screenshot that wasn’t meant to be taken.

How to Disable a Screenshot Notification in Zoom?

As we have discussed earlier, there are no notifications popping up in zoom when a screenshot is taken. So obviously, there is no disable option available for screenshot notification. Because of this absence of any form of external or in-built notification for zoom, they don’t have any kind of disable option either. But you could use the disable option when it comes to disabling any kind of in-built record sessions of the meeting conducted.

How to Disable a Screenshot Notification in Zoom

How to Tell If Someone has Taken a Screenshot in Zoom?

There is honestly no technical or official way of telling when someone has taken a screenshot.

Mostly we get to know a screenshot has been taken through other participants or when the screenshot appears in chats and other social media sharing.

Most of the screenshots we get to find out about are only from sharing them. Unless they are shared, or the person who captured the content informs about it, we wouldn’t know.

One way to avoid or find out about the screenshot is by making some ground rules for taking screenshots. For example, inform the participants to ask permission from the host before taking screenshots or inform them not to take any at all, or make them ask for permission to publish the screenshots, etc.

This way, you will be able to have some form of control over the screenshots taken.

Alternatives to Taking Screenshots in Zoom

We do have many alternatives to taking screenshots in zoom. There are many third-party tools available to get the screenshots. These tools are just as effective as the screenshot option in zoom. For example, we have;

Awesome Screenshot

This tool is just as good as the one in zoom and other apps available. Click here. A special feature found in the awesome screenshot is you can capture the whole screen of the web pages without even scrolling all the way down. They can be used to also edit and share as well.

Light Shot

We can find light shots in chrome extensions, including edge and Firefox. You can use this tool to capture both parts of the screen and also the entire screen itself. This tool enables you to create links for each of your screenshots. That means you can directly share them without having to upload them.


This tool is found in both windows and mac. You can use this tool to get screenshots of your entire screen, selected windows, and regions of the content on zoom. There are many features and options that allow you to make screen captures much more effective and convenient.


In conclusion, we can say that zoom doesn’t have any notification options available to notify the host, you, or any other participants when a screenshot is taken.

There aren’t any other external extensions or in-built tools designed to help you find out when someone captures the screen.

Some say there are other tools, but it’s quite controversial and yet to be experienced.

All in all, there are many tools and features to take screenshots but no tools to detect when a screenshot is taken.

Always inform your participants about your ground rules on etiquette as well as on the privacy policies to protect the confidentiality of the information we share on the screen.  

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