How To Connect IPAQ To The Internet? Full Process Explained

How To Connect IPAQ To The Internet

Do you need to know how to connect IPAQ to the Internet? You’ve come to the correct spot if you seek a fast and straightforward way to connect the IPAQ to the Internet. This guide will lead you through setting up and configuring the new smartphone to enable an Internet connection.

Quick Answer: You must first set up your device to accept the IU wireless access points signals, as with most other devices. After that, you’ll need to configure and connect to a VPN.

What Is An iPAQ?

Compaq introduced the iPAQ, a Pocket PC and smart device, in April 2000; the moniker got derived from Compaq’s previous iPAQ Desktop Desktop Pcs. So the question arises what is an IPAQ? IPAQ is a wireless networking device that connects a computer to a wireless connection.

We had to utilize dial-up through the phone system or a cable modem in the past. We may now connect the IPAQ to the Internet with any WIFI-enabled modem.

IPAQ is a helpful device for individuals who do not have access to the Internet or have a long-distance connection. This gadget can connect to the Internet exactly like a computer.

It operates with nearly any iOS or Android smartphone. Like any other gadget, the device will let you connect to your favorite applications and games wirelessly. One of the most frequent things moms and fathers have now in common as new parents is a need for greater stimulation.

Most of these functionalities get built into later versions of the iPAQ, including GPRS mobile telephony.

How To Connect iPAQ to The Internet? – Steps

To link an IPAQ to the network (WiFi), you first must set up the hardware to receive the signals from the IU access points, as you would with most devices. After that, you’ll need to configure and connect to a VPN.

The IPAQ will only access the local network resources or the Internet if correctly linked to the wireless network and the VPN (WiFi). In answer to the query, i.e., how to connect IPAQ to the Internet? Follow the instructions below to join the IPAQ on the Internet:

Initialize The Wireless Connection                   

Make sure your device gets turned on. Select ‘ IPAQ wireless’ in the top left corner of the start menu. Select the WLAN icon. When a set of arrows heading right and left show on the taskbar near the speaker symbol and the clock, you know the phone is detecting a network. If the IPAQ does not detect a WiFi signal, the indicators will have an ‘X’ attached.

The vxIPConfig program must be downloaded and installed. Check to see if the access point is sending you IP. Go to ‘programs’ from the Start menu. After that, touch the vxIPConfig icon in the communications folder.

Click the down arrow just at the top of the screen. A menu will display, listing all of the adapters detected by vxIPConfig. Choose the one that matches your PDA’s wireless adapter.

On the other hand, the name will differ based on the manufacturer’s wireless chipset. You might not be able to distinguish which one relates to the wireless chips if there are several adapters displayed.

Select the option that displays an IP address apart from or one that begins with 169.254. You’ve successfully started the wireless connection if your IP address is valid. Continue to the next stage.

Configuration of the VPN connection

  • Go to settings and then to the ‘connections’ page on the start menu.
  • Press the ‘advanced’ tab after clicking the ‘connections’ button.
  • Select networks by using the choose networks’ button. Then, under ‘programs that automated network to a secure network should connect with,’ choose ‘modify.’ Then, go to the VPN tab.
  • Select ‘new’ as the next step. A conversation box will display on the screen. Fill in whatever name you choose for your connection in the ‘name’ column. Insert the hostname of the VPN server in the “Hostname” column. Then click ‘next’ and pick ‘PPTP’ or ‘IPSec/L2TP’. Type ‘ADS’ and your login and password in the domain area. Then press the ‘Next’ button.
  • Select the ‘advanced tab.’ Make sure the ‘user server-assigned IP address’ option is selected. After that, go to the servers tab. After that, choose ‘ok’ and then ‘complete.’
  • Select anything besides My Work Network under ‘programs that automatically access the internet must connect using:.’
  • Select My Work Network under ‘programs which automatically connect to a secure network should connect using:.’
  • Then choose ‘exceptions.’ Tap ‘add New URL’ in the “URL exceptions:” section and type (*.*/*) inside an open area. Then choose ‘ok.’
  • Option the Network Card option and pick the ‘network adapters’ tap under select what the network card links to.’
  • There will be a drop-down menu. Select ‘internet’ from the network card and connects to the:’ drop-down menu. Then press the ‘ok’ button.

Make the connection

  • The WiFi symbol should get tapped. A balloon-shaped connection dialogue box will appear.
  • Choose ‘connect VPN’ from the drop-down menu. Whereas the IPAQ is connected, you should see a bubble appear if everything gets set up correctly.
  • You may double-check your connection by tapping the WiFi symbol once again. A dialogue box with a WiFi signal and the duration you’ve connected will show, along with the ‘hide’ and ‘disconnect’ buttons. You are correctly connected when you see that information.

And We are done with how to connect IPAQ to the Internet

Final Thought

To sum up, you must be in a place that allows wireless signals to be received to connect the IPAQ to the Internet (perhaps via WiFi). If you try to connect your IPAQ to the Internet in an area with low network access, you’ll have trouble doing so.

In the worst-case situation, you won’t be able to receive notification from the IPAQ that it’s been correctly set. Most crucial, to avoid errors, carefully follow all of the instructions outlined in this article.

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