How To Change Facebook Page Category On Mobile In 2022

How To Change Facebook Page Category On Mobile

This guide will explain how to change Facebook page category on mobile. Facebook, a popular social networking tool, offers users to establish a Facebook profile where they can express their tales and interact with others.

Individuals could set up a page on Facebook for their company, product, group, or campaign. Statistics, marketing, and post-management are just a few of the capabilities accessible on Facebook pages that are not accessible on accounts.

Therefore, if you are in charge of a Fb page and want to alter the categorization of your Fb page for whatever purpose, you have to perform a few easy procedures. Facebook makes it simple to modify the category of your Fb page. Depending on the categorization you select for your page, several functionalities might well be accessible.

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You can only select one category whenever you first create your Fb page. The interface included several page categorization possibilities. Users were able to explore fields including athletics, local business, periodicals, and literature thanks to these Facebook page classifications.

When users select a speciality, Facebook usually restricts them to that niche. Nonetheless, each Facebook categorization was broad and provided a significant amount of versatility. To modify the general Fb page categorization, the individual met several criteria.

Setting up a Fb page categorization has become a simple process. Consumers can pick from a variety of Fb page classifications. In addition, Facebook now offers you to select up to 3 Fb page classifications. Several Facebook classifications could also exist on one page. Let’s look at how to change Facebook page category on mobile

How To Change Facebook Page Category On Mobile?

In searches, your page’s classifications display underneath your page’s header and might help visitors locate what they’re searching for. Complete these instructions to modify your Fb page categorization on your smartphone.

However, before you proceed, attempt to be as detailed as possible regarding the categorization. Select Indian Restaurant rather than Restaurant. You may pick up to three categories to tell them more about your unique products. Follow the steps below for how to change Facebook page category on mobile

  • First, access the Facebook application and select the menu option.
  • Go below and pick Pages.
  • Click on the header of the page you want to alter.
  • Go to Preferences, then General.
  • Finally, underneath the category, pick the relevant categorization for your page.

Note: If you don’t find a categorization that fits your Fb page, you could select the nearest accessible choice. The most significant point is that you may change the categorization of your website as many times as you like.

Classic Pages

You may select up to three subcategories to inform them about the unique products you offer. To change the categorization of your page, follow these steps:

  • Firstly, sign in to your Fb profile.
  • The following step is to go to your Fb Page.
  • Once browsing a page, select the description link on the left sidebar.
  • Again, select Edit beside the classification from the set of categories.
  • Enter up to three subcategories and choose an item from the display list box.
  • After picking choices, press the Save.

New Pages Experience

You cannot change the categorization of a page if you possess task authorization to it. If you own Fb accessibility to a Page, you could head to your Page on Fb and change the categorization. To change the categorization of your page, complete these steps:

  • First, navigate to the page you wish to utilize, then select about.
  • Then, from the left, click basic information.
  • Select a classification underneath.
  • Then, start by entering a categorization and selecting from the option that appears. If you don’t find a classification that fits your page, select the nearest accessible choice.
  • Finally, select Save.

Facebook Page Features

The ten most important characteristics of Fb pages differ based on the classification. Only four variables stay constant.

  • The ability to write a statement about the company or organization that the page promotes.
  • The ability to connect to a webpage for the company or organization that the page promotes.
  • Ability to specify products that the corporation or organization provides.
  • The ability to activate a review system so that admirers could provide star reviews and assess the company or organization’s goods.
  • The ability to provide a mobile number for people to reach the organization or company that the page promotes

Many Fb page classifications provide accessibility to additional functionality, including…

  • It allows you to provide a particular location accessible for sites that come into classifications that have a corporate place, such as sporting institutions, local businesses, organizations, and corporations.
  • It may include location mapping by utilizing Facebook’s mapping system. Customers who want to discover a company near them can benefit from the location. It is a choice for classifications that specify corporate locations.
  • It can display specified operating hrs. This feature is also accessible for Fb page genres where different working hrs may irritate consumers whenever they visit the page.
  • It can allow consumers to check in with the page’s address, publish their presence to the organization on their newsfeed, and even persuade other consumers to pick the organization. This function is only accessible to local organizations, organizations, and small businesses.

Facebook Limitations On Pages

What Fb permits and does not permit has a high degree of freedom. Permission is usually selected by Fb whenever it is required. A Fb page representing a book, for example, cannot specify accessible hrs.

But, if that is a local company page, Fb will automatically display operating hrs. It is crucial to remember that any function gets deleted if you perform any modifications to the three Fb page classifications. You will cut off accessibility to that function.

Bottom Line

So you’ve picked your page category depending on your company’s requirements and ambitions. After you’ve decided on your primary kind and specific classifications, you’ll expand your page and begin utilizing it to reach and promote to viewers.

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