Can You Wear AirPods In A Tanning Bed – Details

Can You Wear Airpods In A Tanning Bed

Some users wear their AirPods all day, even when they attend a sunbed at their local spa. Those who like pre-tanning and getting their bodies ready for summer typically involve a visit to a tanning booth to lay down a basic tan. Tanning beds are ideal for listening to music and relaxing while gently developing a tan. Is it, however, safe to use your wireless earphones in such a setting? So you might ask yourself a question can you wear AirPods in a tanning bed? This article will help you in this regard.

Learning About Airpods

The first genuine wireless earphones from Apple are AirPods. These slight headphones provide seamless interaction with Apple devices and are completely waterproof. They’ll also wirelessly charge your phone while you listen, so you won’t have to worry about recharging them all the time.

Reasons Why People Use Airpods In A Tanning Bed?

There are several reasons why a pair of AirPods is ideal for individuals who want to spend time in a tanning salon, standing or lying down. When you can’t see your device’s screen, and all you can hear is music, time seems to move faster than usual. Other areas follow:

  • Relaxation: Allowing oneself to relax and enjoy the sensation of sunbathing with music is a far better way to unwind than attempting to tan without anything.
  • Meditation: Listening to calming music while sunbathing can enable you to meditate, which can be pretty beneficial if you attempt to de-stress and worry about difficulties in your life.
  • Learning: Some individuals use this time to listen to audiobooks and broaden their horizons, while others study a new language via an audio course.

Can You Wear Airpods In A Tanning Bed?

The AirPods are the most recent wireless earbuds to hit the market. Still, they stand out with characteristics like water resistance, rapid wireless charging, and battery longevity. So can you wear AirPods in a tanning bed?

Thanks to new technology, people who want to tan but are worried about getting burned may now tan without risking skin harm. Airpods are a pair of headphones created exclusively for use in a tanning bed.

Wearing AirPods in a tanning booth has no detrimental consequences for wireless headphones. Long-term exposure to heat or UV rays from a tanning bed, on the other hand, might damage the circuitry within your AirPods.

Because temperatures within a sunbed may reach dangerously high levels, removing any expensive devices beforehand is a good idea. Make sure to remove your iPhone or Android smartphone since the radiation might irreversibly damage those gadgets.

However, there are specific basic guidelines, such as removing your AirPods during the most intensive beds for obvious reasons: you don’t want your headphones to overheat.

UV light exposure is unlikely to cause system damage in devices such as the AirPods. UV radiation can only cause problems with AirPods if it is consistent, long-term exposure to plastic, which would require many hours of exposure.

Wearing AirPods Cause Any Damage To Your Skin?

Airpods are a novel technology that allows you to participate in your favorite hobbies without fear of hurting your skin. They get constructed of silicone, so they won’t burn or damage your skin while you’re tanning.

They also have an excellent sound quality and an ergonomic design that makes them easy to wear while sleeping.

Can Tanning Bed Overheat Your Airpods?

Most tanning salons require you to remove your AirPods for obvious reasons: you don’t want your headphones to become too heated. One of the most severe issues with AirPods is becoming overheated.

Because tanning booths may reach up to 102 degrees Fahrenheit (39 degrees Celsius), short-term exposure in a tanning bed cannot cause AirPods to overheat. If it seems that they are about to overheat, remove them immediately because doing so might harm the driver within your AirPod case.

If the motor in your AirPods becomes too hot, you risk permanently damaging the circuitry and ruining the device. However, Short-term tanning should not pose any difficulties.

According to Apple, the recommended operating temperature for AirPods is between 32o and 95o F. A tanning mattress may be slightly hotter than this. Still, the brief intervals of a tanning session should not cause any issues with the earphones.

Can You Charge The Airpods While Using A Tanning Bed?

Apart from can you wearAirPods in a tanning bed, a common question about charging also comes quite often. It is common for AirPods to heat up when charging. If you charge your earphones inside an indoor tanning bed, the extra heat generated may cause the earbuds to emit much too much heat.

Can You Wear Airpods While Tanning Outside?

Certainly not. Airpods get designed to be worn indoors during low-intensity UV exposure. Heat and light exposure will injure them if you use them outside, and if you don’t remove them fast enough, the damage may be irreparable. UV radiation from sunbeds will put your skin’s overall health in jeopardy before it puts your technological equipment in danger.

Other Things You Can Do While Tanning

The beds include a variety of characteristics that make them excellent for unwinding from your daily routine. They offer a perfect area to listen to music and even have an added fan feature to keep you cool while tanning.

Some people may like to sleep in their mattresses throughout the day. Depending on how long you intend to spend in your tanning bed, bring everything you’ll need to make your stay as pleasant as possible.

Last Thoughts

Preparing for your summer tan might be a pleasurable experience. And you may be sure that you’ll be able to accomplish it while listening to new music. AirPods are fantastic, but exercise caution while using them in tanning salons.

They will continue to work correctly but will overheat faster. So make sure to use them in intervals. Your skin tone is the only thing you should be concerned about within the tanning bed.

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