Can you sleep with AirPods Pro – Is It Safe To Sleep With AirPods On?

can you sleep with airpods pro

Can you sleep with AirPods pro? Is It Safe To Sleep With AirPods On? Here, in this article we will be answering all these frequently asked questions.

Music is an excellent method to relax before going to bed. The lovely voice of rainfall or calming music immediately calms the mind. You never have to bother about a messy knot of wires when using AirPods.

The AirPod Pro will additionally provide a close fit when laying down, improving their noise-can efficiency. They’re also reliable and easy to put on. So you’ve recently purchased a fresh set of AirPods, and you’re in love with them.

They’re so relaxing to wear that you’ll prefer to put them on as you sleep. However, can you sleep with AirPods pro? This guide will look at all sleeping areas while using AirPods. We’ll also examine whether they provide any genuine advantages.

Quick Summary: You can use AirPods Pro while heading to sleep without significant danger. They could be harmless if the sound is low-appropriate and does not stress your eardrum. However, continued usage does not recommend because of the possible long-term consequences. It may also have a detrimental impact on the nature of your sleep.

Continue reading to see what occurs when you sleep with AirPods and the possible harm to your hearing in the future.

Sleeping With earbuds on

Wireless buds, such as the Apple Airpods Pro, slip smoothly within your ear and provide you with the mobility you’ve ever desired, thanks to developments in wireless devices.

The ability to enjoy music, talk shows, and background sounds as trying to sleep. Wearing AirPods while napping may seem like a stupid idea. Is it harmful? We’ve all known about the hazards of sleeping with headphones, so how about AirPods?

So, let’s see whether you can sleep with Air Pods pro. It’s reasonable to be worried about potential threats to your hygiene.

Can you sleep with AirPods pro?

It isn’t straightforward to answer whether Can you sleep with AirPods pro. Falling asleep with earphones in your ears used to be an uncomfortable scenario, as you almost suffocated yourself to tragic death while becoming snagged in the cables as you turned over.

The comfy fit of Apple’s Airpods, on the other hand, makes them an ideal contender for sleeping. AirPods pro usually lasts up to 5 hours on a full charge, and it should be enough for the typical user to sleep comfortably.

It all comes down to personal preference, how convenient you are using AirPods, and how you want to use them. However, most drawbacks have easy solutions that will allow you to nap with AirPods engaged.

Benefits of Using AirPods When Sleeping

AirPods are a gear, and how people utilize them, like every other tech gadget, is critical.

Isolate from noise

To filter out the unwanted disturbance, you could use AirPods as earpieces. If you live at a crowded intersection or in an area with a lot of activity, AirPods could be the solution. Another factor you may wish to shut out interference is if your sleeping mate snores.


You may listen to soothing melodies and feel sleepy to them. Ambient noise is highly beneficial to specific individuals. When your television loses its coverage, you will hear a buzzing sound. It’s a synthesis of all-acoustic frequency ranges. It also gets used to assist newborns in falling asleep quicker.

Enhance your intelligence

You might feel sleepy while listening to ted talks or books on tape. These materials will help you boost your intellectual talents. Many individuals utilize this approach to enhance their linguistic skills.

Note: If you’re constantly on the move, napping with AirPods on may well be a brilliant idea. You never say where your next chance to sleep may occur and usually don’t occupy much room in your backpack. It may be particularly beneficial if you travel internationally or work irregular hours.

Drawbacks of Using AirPods When Sleeping

Regrettably, the disadvantages outweigh the advantages. Our ears don’t get designed to get clogged in this manner for an extended period. In addition, napping with AirPods poses real health hazards.

Sleep disruption

The soundtrack or podcast we mentioned before might also help you sober up. Because our nervous system never truly sleeps, it may stir you up in the course of the overnight if it senses anything startling or surprising.

Airpods are most likely to blame if you got up in the middle of the sleep feeling foggy after napping having AirPods on.

Upset the ears

Wax accumulates in our canals and gets subsequently expelled throughout the night. However, if you continue to use AirPods, it will accumulate and get trapped there. Clearing your ears every day is a simple way to avoid/resolve this problem.


If you sober up with a clogged ear, you could have got an infection. Using an alcohol-soaked cotton bud, clear your ears. Ignoring the condition may lead to long-term difficulties such as hearing problems and ear discomfort.


If you lay on one side, the AirPods might press inside of your ear due to your posture. However, it may often cause blood circulation disruption in your ears.

Swallowing hazard

You have a very slim probability of swallowing them. You don’t want to eat these since Airpods contain tiny pill batteries.

Note: If you take measures and enjoy music that will not pick you up, you can lie down having AirPods on. Initially, it may seem like an excellent plan, but the negatives vastly exceed the benefits. If not falling asleep is a problem for you, consider other options.

Bottom Line

Sleeping with AirPods is acceptable if measures are in place. You can enhance your standard of living by using this innovative gadget. Sleep is a crucial aspect of our routine, and it must be as pleasant as possible.

The significant concerns stem from the potential dangers of sleeping with our ears closed. It may spread illnesses. That is why, if you nap with AirPods in, it is essential to maintain your ears hygiene.

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